10 topmost stock markets in the world

Stock markets play a significant role in the world economy. Before that, we should know what is the stock market? Stock market is that area where there is dealing or buying and selling of securities( shares, bonds) by the investors. It is also known as stock exchange. Moreover, The First trading was conducted in Amsterdam when the Dutch East India Company was the first publicly-traded company. The transactions of stock markets conducted in digital form, so it provides transparency. Now we will tell you how stock markets affect the US economy.

But sometimes there are some risks involved through online transactions. Therefore, you should secure your network. Just go to the http //ap.setup admin and enable security features.Further, it should be kept in mind that the securities must be listed in stock exchange. Further, in 1611, the Amsterdam stock exchange was created. Stock exchange is the platform that provides companies to expand their business. Because companies sell their shares to the public when they need to raise money. Additionally, the stock market provides job opportunities, so that it really helps in the development of the nation.

Role of stock market

The stock market plays a major role, it generates money that is very beneficial for the development of any country. Moreover, investors invest in the 10 topmost stock markets and at the time of hiking the prices of securities they sell their securities and take advantage from it. Furthermore, it also indirectly contributes to the welfare of the society. Because the business invests in the stock market and earns profit. So that, they invest in their business to enhance the productivity. In the meanwhile, they sell their products in the market according to the customers choice at best prices.

10 Topmost stock markets

Now, we will explain the 10 topmost stock exchanges in the world. But there are approximately 60 stock exchanges all over the world.

New York stock exchange

The New York stock exchange is the American oldest stock exchange. It was founded in 1792. In 2013, US$169 billion was its average trading value. Moreover, it is owned by an American holding company, International Exchange. Beside this, New York stock exchange has 2400 listed companies that includes many blue-chip companies like Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, J.P. Morgan Chase, etc. It is the only one stock in the US that gives floor trading to important dealers.

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations(NASDAQ)

NASDAQ is the second largest stock exchange in the world and was established in 1971. Every month more than 300 stocks are listed with $1.26 trillion an average trading value. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, companies are listed here. While these listed companies contribute 9% of the total market value of the world.

Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

It was founded on 26 November 1990. SSE is the world’s third biggest stock market and its capitalization at US$7.62 trillion as of July 2021. More than 1450 public companies have listed on this stock exchange.


Euronext was established in 2000, Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is the fourth largest stock exchange and more than 1300 companies have listed there.

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

It is also called Tosho and was founded on 15 May 1878 in Tokyo, Japan. TSE had 3785 listed companies till 14 September 2021. Further, its rank is on the fifth number among the rest of the stock exchanges.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE)

The Hong Kong stock exchange was established in 1891. More than 2300 companies are listed on this stock exchange.In addition to that from 2017 it changed its operations c from physical trading to digital trading. HSBC Holdings, AIA, Tencent Holdings, China Mobile, etc listed here.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The foundation of the Shenzhen Stock exchange was established on 1 December, 1990. Its rank is on the seventh number among the stock exchange. Moreover, mostly Chinese companies are listed in this stock exchange and the transactions are also in Yuan currency. More than 1400 companies have listed in this stock exchange with its approximately $5.74 trillion market capitalization value. It is on the seven rank from the stock exchanges.

London Stock Exchange (LSE)

It is the eighth largest stock exchange in the world and owned by London Stock Exchange Group. It was founded in 1698. After the New York stock exchange, it is the biggest stock exchange after world war 1.

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

It was founded in 1875 by cotton merchant Premchand Roychand. The performance of this stock exchange is measured by Sensex. Further, all its transactions are operated through electronically.

National Stock Exchange (NSE)

It was established in 1922 and it is the tenth largest stock exchange in the world. Furthermore, NSE has market capitalization more than US$3.4 trillion.

Hopefully, you have understood the above-mentioned description of the topmost stock markets in the world.