8 Highly Downloaded Android Apps In The Google Play Store

Every one of today’s young generation is well aware of Android apps. You can use and download the android apps through the Google play store. But if you have a cell phone, you should use the Apple store or use the Google play store. Because the iPhone, iOS, iPod, and even all Apple devices are used by the Apple store to install various apps.

Various applications are often used by most people in the world. It has been categorized into the “niche” category, but you can not call all apps lousy. Because they work efficiently and provide excellent services as compared to other available apps.

However, you know all the applications working are entirely dependent upon the wireless network connection. If you use all the highly downloaded android apps on a busy network it majorly provides you with low service. So, to utilize the services of all apps properly, you must connect it all with a high standard network connection.

The most downloaded apps in this modern era are Facebook with approx 7.073 billion downloads, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Subway Surfers (-1) with 1.438 billion downloads, etc. Additionally, Facebook Lite, Microsoft Word (+2), and more apps are downloaded by the users at present. All these apps are specially designed to offer entertainment services to the users.

8 Highly Downloaded Android Apps In The Google Play Store

The leading android app at present which is highly used by people is Instagram. It is a worldwide application. Which in today’s time you will get to see on every phone. The Instagram app has almost 25 million downloads as compared to other apps. It is a highly demanded and used entertainment app. Apart from this, Snapchat is also one of the best second applications which have 22 million downloads in the android apps from global users. The next best gaming and playing game on the Google play store surpasses Garena Free Fire. In addition, the most used SMS apps are Chomp SMS, Handcent Next SMS, WhatsApp, Google Messenger, Textra SMS, etc. Also, Pulse SMS, Mighty Text, and QKSMS.

1. Facebook (+1): Best Android App

Facebook can easily download and install Android users from the Google play store. It allows you to download and install the app over the steady and robust connection of the network. If you do not have a required network, please arrange it and use these apps easily. You could use the Dlink device for your home and office use. It’s better and allows you to control it anywhere just after accessing its interface. You can launch its interface with dlinkap.local and make changes to use its network according to your android app’s compatibility. Moreover, Facebook has one of the best applications and has 76 million downloads with one-star ratings.

2. WhatsApp (-1)

Another one of the best applications that are mostly downloaded by Android phone users is WhatsApp. It has 6.983 billion downloads at present. You can use Whatsapp to send messages, and video calls with the feature of end-to-end encryption. With the Android apps, you can transfer any information instantly just over the wifi network connection.

3. Facebook Messenger (=)

Right now, the most downloaded application in the world is 3. Facebook Messenger. You can easily install it through the play store application on your android phone. It has grown mostly in the last few years. It is available on the play store and you can use it freely without any subscription fees. The expansion of Facebook has grown due to the bots making the service more useful than ever.

4. Instagram (=)

Another one of the best and most-used apps at present is Instagram. Any Android user including the Apple devices has used the Instagram app on their devices freely. If you want to install the app on your Android phone, you should use the Google play store. On the other hand, if you have to use an Apple device, you should use the Apple store to download or install the Instagram app. It has approx 3.504 billion downloads right now. This is the most used app of today’s time, but it has left behind all the Apps in today’s time.

5. TikTok (New)

In spite of this, the TikTok is also a No. one app on the play store app that is downloaded highly. It has 2.631 billion downloads. TikTok is the best android app and you can download it especially to entertain people and for their own entertainment.

6. Subway Surfers (-1)

In addition, Subway Surfers is another app that is downloaded right now mostly by Android users. It has 1.438 billion downloads.

7. Facebook Lite (-1)

Facebook Lite is also a great application to send text messaging over a wifi connection. It has 1.933 billion downloads. It is also known as a highly downloaded Android app of the Google play store application.

8. Microsoft Word (+2)

Microsoft Word has 1.895 billion downloads. It has been included in the highly downloaded Android apps of the Google play store.