How to go to Bantai island in GTA 2?

GTA 2 also known as grand theft auto 2 is the game which we used to play on our computers as well as PlayStation 1. It is an action-adventure game. The publisher of this game is “Rockstar games” which also published the newer versions of GTA (grand theft auto) games.

Many of us do not know that how to go to Bantai island in GTA 2. In this article, you will know where this island is located in the game. As grand theft auto 2 was published in 1999, at that time the graphics were not much developed so it is a 2D game. Grand theft auto 2 is the second and last 2D version game that was developed by DMA.

It is very difficult for us to find the locations in this game because this is a 2D version. When we play this game, the arrow always shows the direction for our character.

Some main locations you will find while playing grand theft auto 2 are:
  • Jesus Saves
  • Downtown district
  • Head radio headquarters
  • Bantai island
  • Residential district
  • Stromberg
  • Dominatrix
  • Industrial district

Now we will know the direction to go to Bantai island in GTA 2 just follow the lines given below:

Go to Bantai island in GTA 2

  • So first we have to keep one thing in mind that Bantai island is a landmark which is placed in the “Anywhere City”.
  • We will open the grand theft auto 2 game first.
  • Once the game will be open then we have to open the map of the game and locate the Bantai island in Anywhere City.
  • When we will locate the map, we will go to the “Anywhere City” by following the route shown on the map. Arrow on our character will help us to choose the right direction.
  • Once we will reach in the Anywhere City then we have to follow the landmark of Bantai island near the industrial district.
  • Now we will just follow the route to the landmark and will reach the Bantai island.

Note: The Bantai island only appears on the map when we play the PC version of GTA 2.