How to connect Alexa to phone?

In this article we will learn how to connect Alexa to phone. As we all know that we use Alexa to give command to many appliances in our home.
We control lights, we use it for setting our temperature as well as for checking our cameras. With the help of Alexa, we converted our normal house into a smart house where we can control everything by just giving commands from bed or chair.

Nowadays, Alexa is also used in operating TV channels we don’t need remote now to change the channels. Appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners are also controlled with the help of Alexa these days. People who are using Alexa cannot imagine their life without Alexa because now they have become habitual of using it for controlling the devices.

Now, in this article after knowing all the features and specialties of Alexa we are going to tell you that the Alexa can also be connected with the Bluetooth and mobile phone. How? Just read further in this article.

Steps to connect Alexa to phone:

  • To operate Alexa first we need to download the Alexa App in our mobile phone/ tablet. (The Alexa app is available on the Play store for android users and on Appstore for iPhone users).
  • We can use this app for setting our Alexa with which we can manage all the appliances.
  • Now we will open our phone and go to the Bluetooth settings.
  • We will turn on the pairing mode of the Bluetooth provided in our mobile phone.
  • Now we will open the Alexa app and go to the settings of this app.
  • From there we will get the option of “pair a new device”. When Alexa will discover the Bluetooth of our mobile phone, it will show the name.
  • Now we will tap on the name of our Bluetooth device.
  • Then the Alexa will get connected to our mobile phone and will send the voice message of “connected”.
  • Now we will just select “continue” in the Alexa app and our mobile phone will get paired.