How to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi?

In this article, we will know that how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi?
Before this, we will have to understand the main reason for which Alexa is needed to connect with Wi-Fi. So, as we all know that Alexa is a device that follows our command and we use it to ask some questions or to search or play anything.
All of this process and answers Alexa finds and delivers to us in voice form. This all happens when your Alexa is connected to Wi-Fi, as the Wi-Fi is the internet connection provider for the Alexa. The command given by us to Alexa is then forwarded to the Wi-Fi network from where the browsing starts and results come to us in the form of voice recording.
Now, it is totally clear to all of us that why Alexa is needed to connect with Wi-Fi.

We can connect Alexa to Wi-Fi with the help of the “Amazon Alexa app”.

To learn the process to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi follow the process given below in the article:

  • In the beginning, we have to download the “Amazon Alexa app” for our mobile phone or tablet. To download the app, we have to open the Play store if we use android or Appstore if we use iPhone. We will just search the app in the search box and then we will get the installing option there.
  • Once, we installed the application on our smartphone/tablet we have to open the app.
  • Now, we will select the “devices” option which we will found in the right corner of the bottom after opening the app.
  • After opening the device tab, we will select the “Alexa” option which will be provided on the top left side of the app.
  • Now, we will get the name of our Alexa device which we want to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Now we will click on the word “change”.
  • By completing all of these processes, we will get the prompt by following that prompt our Alexa will get connected to the Wi-Fi.

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