How Do I Use And Pair Alexa Voice Remote?

The Alexa Voice Remote is a robust device that will immensely enhance your viewing experience. Here is how you can use it and set it up.

Whether you are changing your existing Amazon TV remote. You can easily pair or set it up a remote that’s become unlinked, or exalting to the recent Alexa Voice Remote with your Amazon Fire TV. There are several steps to obtain them to perform together. Pairing your smart Tv remote is likewise a component of the initial setup for a unique Fire TV.

The Alexa Voice Remote allows you to operate your smart Tv over the internet connection. To operate it, you need a faster connection to the network. If it is not connected to a network, surely it’s your router’s weak signal issue. To make your wifi signal stronger, you can use a Tp-link extender. It is configured with a browser-based web utility address, http //192.168.l.0.254 tp link extender. After completing the configuration, you can easily use a wifi extender and configure it easily.

It is a 3rd-generation Alexa Voice Remote that is inconsistent with 1st and 2nd-generation Fire TV, Fire TV Edition TVs, and Fire TV Stick (1st generation). Therefore, in case you have any of these kinds of Tv models, use the 1st-generation Alexa Voice Remote rather.

Ensure Prerequisites things before pairing the Remote

First of all, you will be sure that your smart Fire TV Stick is hooked to your smart TV and the power adapter. After this, you will navigate to the fit HDMI port with your smart TV remote.

After this, insert the batteries into the smart Alexa Remote, and make sure they are introduced accurately. Unlike a lot of wireless remotes, both the batteries face the same order.

How Do I Pair the Alexa Remote With a Fire TV?

Make sure your smart Alexa voice remote is working perfectly. Kindly ensure that its battery compartment has been filled with the battery. So, after that let’s pair the Alexa Remote with a Smart fire Tv. These steps in given below

  • First of all, you need to hold or press the remote around 15 feet (5 meters) of the smart Fire TV Stick.
  • It should locate spontaneously during the first setup of a smart Fire TV.
  • In case, the smart Fire TV does not find the smart wireless remote, press and hold the Home button on the Alexa voice remote for an entire 10 seconds until the smart Fire TV Stick locates it.
  • After this, press the Play or Pause button to keep your smart remote pairing process continuing.

If you are pairing a smart wireless remote replacement, would like to unpair a smart wireless remote, or know further pairing tips. So, here’s everything regarding the pairing of a smart Alexa Fire TV Remote.

Know Some essential things about the Alexa Voice Remote

A mess of buttons is self-descriptive on a smart wireless Alexa Voice Remote. The U-turn indicator brings you back to the aforementioned menu or screen. The smart TV with an antenna button gets up the direction for Live TV (which can be easily customized on the smart Fire TV).

Also, to operate all the activities of your wireless remote, kidly connect it with a stable connection to the network. It connects with wifi through wirelessly. In case, your device has a weak signal in your home, so in this case, you simply connect your smart Tv with the tp-link extender. The tp link re450 setup of your wireless device with your smart Tv is too easy as compared to others.

The smart button made up of three lines is a menu button. Correspondingly, this is called an options button, it gets up various menus relying on where you are on the Fire TV.

How Can I Use an Alexa Remote Voice Commands for Your Amazon Fire TV?

So far, we have overlooked the blue wireless Alexa microphone button on the Alexa Remote. That is since it allows rather understanding of how the smart Fire TV Stick functions and then using voice commands to run it.

Press and keep holding the blue Smart Alexa button to start or trigger the wireless Alexa on Fire TV Stick. After that, the blue light on the wireless Alexa voice remote will shine next to the Alexa button. The Smart TV screen will cover, and a blue Alexa line will emerge at the bottom of the screen. The sequence will modulate as you articulate into the remote. Grab the Microphone button while you start speaking your full command, and then allow you to go.