How to cleanse a Crystal

In this blog, we are going to know about various methods of cleansing a Crystal. But first, we will know about Crystals.
So, it is a fossilized mineral that took solid form and was used in making jewelry. Its constituents are arranged in a definite pattern (highly ordered microscopic structure) and its internal symmetry is reflected by its surface. Covalent, ionic, metallic, and molecular are the four atom structures that are found in crystals.
If you don’t know, where to buy Crystals. Then you can visit jewelry shops in your city and you can also buy them from online stores.
Now, we will know about several processes that will help us to clean a Crystal and recharge it.

1)Running water process:

Any negative energy stored in a Crystal can be neutralized by running water. People often think that natural running water carries positive energy and it can soak negative energy from Crystal and return it to the Earth. Crystal must be completely submerged in water, no matter what your water source is, for approximately 1 minute. When you took out your Crystal from the water, dry up it with a cotton cloth.
This process should only be applied to hard stones like quartz or diamond. Selenite, kyanite, and halite-like stones, that are brittle cannot be cleansed through this method.

2) Natural light process:

The light which comes from the sun and moon contains positive energy, you can put your stone at a place where it comes in direct contact with natural light. The solar and lunar cycles are centered on various rituals. You have to be ensured that wherever the Crystal is, they should not be disturbed by wildlife.
You have to put stones before nightfall and up to 11 a.m bring them inside your home. For 10 to 12 hours approximate duration.

3) Saltwater process:

From ancient times, people consider salt as a holy substance that absorbs negative energy and it banishes negativity. The best way of getting saltwater is through the ocean, if you can’t go to the ocean then, you can take a tablespoon of sea rock, and salt and mix it in a bowl of water.
The Crystal must be completely submerged in salt water for a few hours to a few days depending upon the Crystal type. Quartz and amethyst-like hard stones are suitable for this process of cleansing.

4) Brown rice process:

This is a process of cleansing protective Crystals, such as black tourmaline. Brown rice can soak (draw out) negativity from a safe and contained setting. In this method, you have to bury your Crystal inside a container full of brown rice for approximately 24 hours.
After completing this process, you must have to dispose of the brown rice because it soaked the negative energy from your Crystal. This method is suitable for any kind of stone.

How to cleanse crystals with incense

Incense has always performed a huge role in ritual activities. Cleansing unwanted negative energy from crystals by using incense is considered one of the best methods of cleansing crystals. There are many incense plants, but lavender, juniper, palo santo, mugwort, and white sage are considered as best incense fragrances for cleansing activity. The use of floral aroma that emerges from the incense of herbs and plants helps us to deal with anxiety and stress and it helps in relaxation.
We have to light an incense stick and hold the crystal above the smoke coming out from it. The smoke will create a positive environment and it will start making a bond with crystal. You can also speak your blessings while cleansing of crystals and direct the negative energy to come out from it.
The negative energy will flow with the incense smoke. The Crystal must be cleansed for 5 minutes approximately. You should always use high-quality and trusted brand incense for better cleansing. You can observe the vibrations shift while the cleansing process. Incense sticks return the energy vibrations to their base frequency.
The Crystal is highly sensitive to the environment, so you have to ensure that you keep the smell of plastic, toxins chemicals, etc away from your cleansing space. All the imbalanced vibrations are set back to their original state and the Crystal fills with positive energy. Through this cleansing Crystal, the positive energy resonates back to your life. Once the cleansing process is done, your mental, physical and emotional space will allow you to get deeper into your ritual meditations.