How to factory reset kindle fire without password?

When you lost or forget your device password then it is very difficult to get access again to your device and you cannot see the content you have gathered. We all want to overcome this type of problem and for overcoming this we have only one option which is to reset kindle fire with no passphrase.

Note: we must know that our kindle fire password or PIN is not similar to our account password.

To reset kindle fire without password we have to do this process:

  • Power on the device with the help of power button.
  • We will see a lock screen, so swipe the lock screen from the edge of the right side.
  • We need to try entering the incorrect password or PIN many times to get the prompt of “reset the device” or will get the prompt to wait for some time.
  • Now, when we click on the “reset the device” we can easily factory reset kindle fire without a password.

If you want to use the kindle fire again, you have to connect your device to a wireless network and will have to register your kindle fire.