how to factory reset oculus go

Sometimes you have issues on your Oculus go device that only a restart or reset can fix. If you desire to sell your Oculus GO headset and want to wipe your personal information to a stranger for exchanging money.
While On the other side, if you leave your headphones on but they don’t work properly, a factory reset Oculus Go can restore them to working properly.

However, If you desire to use a distinct account with the Oculus Go headphone, a hard reset is also a required first step. You can reset the Oculus Go headset to its default settings in about a few moments. By performing the master reset you can clean up all data and delete your headset account at once from all the devices. Hard reset operation in the oculus GO deletes all the data and you need to reinstall all games and other things.
Anyway, we are providing the information to reset your Oculus Go so you can start over.

Factory reset Oculus go from the phone

If your Oculus GO headset is working fine and you want to wipe all the data for giving anyone then this method is best to factory reset. This is a 3 to 4 steps quick and easy method that you can perform in less than 2 minutes.

  • Rather you are using the Android phone or iPhone, You have to open the Oculus app on the smartphone which is connected to the Oculus Go device.
  • In the app locate the bottom menu and click on the Settings.
  • Select the Oculus Go headset which is connected to your smartphone.
  • Now, click on the “More settings” option.
  • At the last step, choose the Factory Reset option and then the Reset option for the confirmation purpose.

Factory reset Oculus Go headset using the headset

There can be some critical issues that happen in the Oculus Go headset such as it does not connect to your smartphone. In these cases, you can use this method to hard reset the Oculus Go headset. If your device is working regularly then you can use any method from both of these according to your choice.

  • First, switch off the Oculus Go headset.
  • Press and hold the power + volume down buttons simultaneously on your headset until the boot or reset screen appears on the headset.
  • Now, to move up and down use the volume buttons on the Oculus Go headset. You have to select the Factory reset option on the headset boot screen using the volume button and click on it using the power button.
  • Again use the volume button and select the Yes option and press the power button to click on it.
  • Finally, you have confirmed the factory reset option for the Oculus Go device and it will take few seconds.

Once you master reset, Your headset account will log out from the smartphone. Now, If you want to use your Oculus Go device again then you have to log in again in the Oculus app on your smartphone.