Fix Dlink Extender Firmware Failed

How to Fix Dlink Extender Firmware Failed?

Are you a dlink extender user and you have recently failed to update the firmware? In this article we will show you different solutions to Fix Dlink Extender Firmware Failed issue. Firmware plays a very important role for the functioning of the wifi range extender.
This is because with each firmware update you get enhanced security plus new “Dlink Extender Features” are also added to the device.
So, lets fix dlink wifi extender firmware failed issue now-

Why did my firmware not update successfully?

Before we jump on to the solution we must first know what you did wrong that failed your firmware update. You need to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake again or else in the future too you will face the same issue.

  • Firstly, the dlink extender firmware issue is caused by when during the firmware update you unplug the extender. Never ever unplug the extender from the power during this.
  • Secondly it has been observed even when you turn off your router during firmware update then also you will face this issue. The reason being extender at the moment is downloading the software. So, if you turn off the router then the dlink won’t be able to complete the download which in most cases leads to rogue extender.
  • Third thing that you need to avoid is updating the extender’s firmware manually. Always try to update the extender’s firmware from its dashboard. The reason being those are the official updates that are rolled down by the company. If you manually download any firmware from the company’s official website and try uploading it then it is likely that that firmware might not be compatible.

Lets update the firmware with the right method

Now we know what went wrong. So, let’s fix the issue and make the extender work again. In most cases it has been observed that failed firmware can only be fixed by doing hard reset.

  • In order to hard reset the extender you need to grab a paper clip. Now put the paper clip inside the reset hole. You will find the reset hole at the back or side of the extender. Make sure while you push the reset the extender should be plugged in to the wall. Now hold it there for 15 secs and after 15 secs release the pin and wait for 60 secs.
  • After 60 secs you will be able to find the extender network name in your wifi list. So, grab a phone or tablet and in your wifi list look for “Dlink Extender XXX”. Connect to it and then open a browser (google, safari) and in the URL type its default login ip. The default login ip here is If this doesn’t work then use dlinkap.local in the url. If you can’t access dlinkap local then make sure you are connected to the extender network name first. Or else reset the extender once again.


To Fix this issue it will hardly take 2 mins of your time. But many people find it hard to make their extenders working again. So, here in this article if you follow all the information provided then you can make your dlink extender work again.