How to get a reset bag in oras?

If you want to get a reset bag in oras, then you have to correctly follow the given steps:

Note: try not to miss any of these given steps.
  • So here, in order to get a reset bag in oras first of all, you have to go to the home screen.
  • On the home screen of the game, you know that there is an option of “super training game” so you have to start this mode of the game.
  • Once you started the game you will see there is a default bag with the pokemon. Now, try to punch this bag 9 to 10 times after that you will see that there is one random bag coming.
  • This random bag could be a reset bag.
  • In case, sometimes you do not get a reset but you will get a bag with the help of this you can increase EV`s in any of your one stat. Remember that you will not get a reset bag every time.
  • If you will not get a reset bag on the first attempt then try more times because in order to get this reset bag you need to have patience.