How to Prevent Windows 10 from using a high internet connection?

Computers and Laptops have operated with too many updating versions of Windows. Right now, Windows 10 is the updated version that is currently used on too many computers and laptops. If you are finding out the best solution to your issue, that is your computer is using too much data in an hour or day. Then, you are in the right place. If you wish to resolve the issue without any errors then you have to emulate it here given all the points in a series. First of all, know why the computers or laptops are using too much data. The reason behind these occurring issues is that misconfiguration or settings or not setting a data limit, etc.

Apart from this, the latest version of Windows makes your devices the most data-hungry. So, as a result, it is using too much data. You might have to see that your computer or laptop is using too much data of your limited bandwidth. If you are wondering why it is caused? Then, its pivotal reason is your updated Windows 10. But don’t worry about that, you could follow the here mentioned information and tricks to resolving the occurring issues. It helps you to resolve or to prevent Windows 10 from using a high internet connection issue significantly or very easily.

Steps to Control Windows 10 from using a high internet connection

Are you searching for how I can control my Windows 10 Pc from high usage of data? So, don’t fret, just chill and follow in a series below the given guide. All the below-given points surely help you to save your all network or control Windows 10 from high usage.

Step-1. Verify the Data Usage In Windows 10 Via taskbar

If you want to check the usage of the internet on your wireless computer then first, you will have to open your computer window. After that, search in the search bar, for the Task Manager application to access the task manager, or you can also find this app via the keyboard short-cut key. So, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, it is directly searching the task manager settings menu on your windows screen. Now, you will have to click into the app history under the task manager application settings section.

Thereafter, the dashboard appears on your computer screen, now, you have to click on the Network and Metered network settings. Now, maybe all the apps are visible on your screen which are either core Windows apps or Windows Store apps. But, maddeningly, it’s not showing up in the data usage. Now, you have to walk through the next steps to know about them.

Step-2. Check the data bandwidth usage through WIndows 10 network settings section

You have an option to check the data usage of your device, or you directly check the data usage of all the apps on your computer. Apart from this, you can directly identify it by going to your router’s web administration page. For instance, if you are using a Wavlink device then directly visit and check the bandwidth limit or data usage of devices via its administration section. In case, you are using a computer settings menu to check the data usage. then, you might follow these points. First of all, navigate the settings on your computer Windows. After that, click network settings and then find the network usage. Now, you can check and enable the network settings, if the high data is used as compared to the previous.

Step-3. Set the Metered WiFi connection

So, to stop the data high usage limit, you can set the metered wifi connection. Go into the settings section of your Windows and then click with the mouse on network or internet settings. Then, click on the wifi settings, henceforth, click on the advanced settings. You will toggle on the appearing option that is a metered connection.

Step-4. Turn off the background update of Windows 10 or Background Apps

The background update of the Windows system is eating up a lot of data. To dissolve it, you have to go into settings and then Privacy and click on Background apps. Now, turn off all the app’s background updates. In the end, you will save all the settings and use your internet data in the Windows system freely. In case, the problem persists, then you can disable your Windows 10 Robotic Peer-to-Peer Update Sharing settings.

So, these all are the options or steps to prevent Windows 10 from using a high internet connection. You can use these points, surely these points help you to solve your issue.