how to reset an Xbox 360 family passcode?

The passcode is an important feature for every family to restrict the child or anyone to some content like movie, entertaining channel, games and many other things, etc. The main benefit to use the passcode into the Xbox 360 is that you can set a time limit on the TV. So, your children can watch the TV according to the time limit set by you on the Xbox 360.  Microsoft lets you change or reset the passkey in Xbox 360 if it is not in your powerful brain.

However, to reset the passcode from the Microsoft account, you have to prove you are an adult otherwise Microsoft will not allow you to perform this operation. Make sure your console is registered in the same account from which you want to reset it.  While changing the parental control or family passkey if you found any trouble then you can contact customer support or you can ask your question in the Microsoft community. In this report, we have included all the steps which you should follow to reset an Xbox 360 family passcode.

Reset Xbox 360 family passcode

One reason to reset the parental control on the Xbox 360 is that you forgot the passkey of it. Another reason is that you want to sell it or give to another person so you are removing the parental control from it because hard reset never removes the parental control from the Xbox 360.


  • Go to the official website of Microsoft and Sign in to your adult Microsoft account.
  • Keep one thing in mind you have to login in to the Microsoft account in which your Xbox 360 console is registered.
  • Now, simply click on the ‘More Actions‘ and then click on ‘Reset passcode’ inside more action.
  • Again, on the screen, you will be guided by some proper instructions to move ahead. Follow each step or instruction wisely step by step.

Delete Xbox 360 family passcode

It might happen you don’t want to reset the Xbox 360 family passcode but want to totally erase it or remove it from your Xbox 360 device.


  • At the first step, open the “Parental Locking Settings” display and click on the ‘OK button.
  • Enter the family passkey as prompted. If you don’t remember it then reset it by the above method using your registered Microsoft account.
  • In the controller, use the arrow buttons and select ‘Turn off Locking‘ and click on the ‘OK‘ to go on to the next step.
  • Pick out ‘Reset all Parental Locks’ and then again press ‘OK‘
  • Now, select ‘Reset all Parental Controls’ by clicking on it and then click on the ‘OK’ button again.
  • Here, You will get a simple confirmation message which asks if you would like to change the four-digit PIN or switch off parental controls.
  • At the last moment,  Click ‘Reset‘ and then ‘OK‘ from the Xbox 360 controller.