how to reset an Xbox 360 slim?

There are several important reasons to perform a master reset on Xbox 360 to original settings. Resetting your Xbox 360 can solve some weird problems which may encounter after many years of use. In this tutorial guide, we have explained how to reset an Xbox 360 slim to its factory default settings. It contains steps and instructions to find the correct console serial number during the master reset. Furthermore, we have also explained that how you can back up Xbox important data to the hard drive. By factory reset, you can also able to clear the cache in Xbox slim 360.

Reset an Xbox 360 slim to factory default


  • Start the process of factory reset Xbox 360 slim by removing the disk from it if you have put it into it.
  • Open the main menu. Now, You have to choose the System settings by moving the cursor to the right corner.
  • In the third step, you have to press the A button to select Console settings.
  • It’s time to move into System info.
  • On the Xbox 360 slim screen, you will see a serial number is displayed. You have to note this serial number and write it somewhere or cache the photo into your phone and save it to use later.
  • Navigate to the previous setting. Press the B key on your Xbox controller to do so.
  • You will see some option is displayed on the screen, select Memory from it.
  • Press the Y button on the controller which opens the Device Options.
  • Go down and choose the Format option. To choose the format option you have to press the A button on the Xbox 360 controller.
  • If you identify the confirmation pop-up message on the screen then you press Yes on it.
  • Now, we will use the serial number here. It will ask you to enter the serial number and if you don’t enter it then the factory reset process will not begin.

Conclusion and warnings

When you reset an Xbox 360 slim factory default settings, it will delete all the content on Xbox 360. Here, it will not change the passkey or erase the parental restrictions. In order to remove parental restrictions, It will ask you to sign in to your Microsoft account and so that you should have your Microsoft account email and password.