how to reset an Xbox 360 to sell

Before you give any personal device to another person as a gift or sell it you remember one thing to erase all your private data from it. You should always focus on your privacy of personal data so that anyone can not miss use it.
Here, we will talk about things to do before selling the Xbox 360. it is strongly recommended that you restore the factory settings and erase all the data which is inside it.

The process is quite simple, although the console may take a while to format the hard drive. Now we enter the factory settings. We have observed that many Xbox 360 users doesn’t know how to reset an Xbox 360 to sell so
that we have prepared this full guide.

Reset an Xbox 360 slim to factory default

Reformate the hard drive to erase all the personal data from it.

  • On the Xbox 360 main display, press the middle button or the “Guide” button. You will find the logo of Xbox on it. 
  • Now, you are on the main menu. Select the “Settings” tab in the opened main menu. 
  • Then, you can view some subcategories of the “Settings” menu. Select the System tab from all categories which is located in the top right corner.

  • Next, go to the “System settings” submenu. 

  • select the Console Settings tab which is located at the top of the list.

  • Go down the menu and select the System Information tab. on the next window you will find your serial number for Xbox 360 and other important information.

  • This serial number we will use to give the permission to hard reset your Xbox 360 slim. So, store the serial number in your phone’s digital note or write on a small piece of paper by pen.
  • Now, we will go to the previous window and select the “Storage” tab from the submenu. You will find it in the third or fourth position in the menu from the top.
  • In this section, You will be able to see a list of all storage or network devices and drives connected to the system. 
  • Highlight any hard drive if more than one connected, which you want to erase, and press the Y button from the controller. 
  • This will display the device options.
  • Select the “Format” option which is the second last step to format the hard drive of Xbox 360 slim. 
  • Verify your choice to format the whole hard drive and press Yes for the final confirmation process. 
  • At the last,  you will be asked to enter the serial number of the Xbox 360 console. To verify the device you must have to enter the serial number of the device.

Conclusion and warnings

In the end, we personally suggest you check once again your small personal data not remains inside the Xbox 360 device. If you don’t need that game and all other data then you can directly erase it and remove it from the hard drive. Maybe you found important that data then you can take a backup of it into another hard drive or in another storage devices.