How to reset an Xbox 360 without a password?

Before knowing that how to reset an Xbox 360 without a password, we should know about the reasons for which we will need to reset our Xbox 360.

There are some reasons for which we need to reset our Xbox360. When we reset our Xbox 360 then many unknown
problems that can happen with our Xbox 360 after using it for a long time can be easily solved. Such type of issues includes the technical issues, hanging of our console, and storage problems, etc.

We should also be aware about that when we reset our Xbox 360 or any of the Xbox gaming consoles then all of the data present in the drive of Xbox will get removed as well as our favorite games will also be uninstalled. The settings which we have done in the past will also get re configured.

Now, in a case when we also don’t have the password of our Xbox 360 due to some issues or if we have forgotten it, then what should we do to reset an Xbox 360?

Follow the process through which we will know that how to reset Xbox 360 without a password:

  • We have to switch on our Xbox 360 and then the dashboard screen will appear.
  • In that dashboard menu we will find the settings menu on the last of the upper right side, we have to choose this
  • Once we will choose the settings option then on the screen, we will see the menu option for “system”, we will
    choose it.
  • Now in the system menu, we have to select the storage option which will be in the second position.
  • When we will select the storage menu and open it there, we will get the option for “memory unit” that we have to
  • After clicking on the memory unit, we will get the option to format it.
  • We have to format it by selecting it.
  • After selecting “format” a notification will be sent to us on which we have to select “yes”.
  • By doing this our Xbox 360 will reset without the use of a password.