how to reset an Xbox series x controller

Xbox Series X Controller  For some players, when the Xbox button flashes on the console and controller, the  will not connect, turn on, sync, or pair with the console, and is not actually paired with the hardware.  The X series controller with the factory consoles are already connected and known, and we can use them to control these consoles. Although we can connect them with cables, most of us will choose a simpler wireless connection, Although this is not always the case. 

Sometimes we encounter problems with Xbox Series X  controllers. Sometimes we feel that our Xbox Series X controllers are not working as expected, either due to battery issues or temporary errors. Our Xbox controller does not have good input lag, and we experience lag in games where game speed is critical. Today we will take a look at how to reset an Xbox Series X controller  and content related to our Xbox Series X controller. 

reset an Xbox series x controller

According to users on the Microsoft Help Forum and general Internet users, Xbox Series X tablets will suddenly and randomly disconnect when connected wirelessly. Microsoft has discovered a problem and is fixing it for a future update but what about right now to fix the issue in the Xbox series x controller. We have found some solutions to solve the problem in the Xbox series x controller.

1. You have to start by resetting the Xbox series x console. To go through holding down the power button on the Xbox series x controller.
2. Make sure you have unplugged the Xbox series x controller from the power socket.
3. Also, power off the Xbox series x controller, and it’s time to remove batteries from it.
4. Again, Plug in the Xbox series x and turn on it
5. Now, Turn on the controller for testing and fixing the issue.
6. On the Xbox Series X, long-press the pairing button and holding down it.
7. Now, you have to simply press the pairing button again but this time you do not need to hold it.

When you will complete this operation and try again to connect the Xbox series x controller to connect with the console you will get success. 

Use USB cable for connection

You will notice a USB-C power connector on the top of the Xbox Series X controller. You can use it to try to solve connection problems. This connecting process could not be simple. Just use the proper cable that came with the Xbox controller series x and connect them together by joining it. You can connect the USB-C cable to one of the USB ports on the front and back of the console (you may find the front port easier to access).


Using the above 2 methods you can repair your Xbox series, x controller. Now, you are hopefully ready to start playing games again in the Xbox series x controller. If you found the same issue in your Xbox series x controller then you can repeat the above instructions again.

Sometimes you will face the same issue again and again then contact the customer support of it if the warranty of
your Xbox series x controller is not expired otherwise you have done and buy the new latest model of it.