how to reset an Xbox series x resolution

Are you facing the resolution issue or black screen issue with the Xbox series x TV? Is it turned on but the image is not visible? Well, you are definitely trying to solve this problem in the right place. Your TV may be working properly, but the screen suddenly turns black. You are able to listen to the audio and adjust the volume using the controller,  and switch channels, but still visible anything on the screen. 

You are not alone.  Before you turn off the TV and send it for repair, or rummaged in your pocket to solve the
problem, you can easily try several possible solutions at your home or office.  Although this is not a black screen of death, you can easily find and solve the problem at home. However, in some cases, this may indicate that the screen is not working properly, so you need professional help. Well, we can fix the issue which you are facing. You should reset an Xbox series x resolution that will be helpful for you. 

Reset an Xbox series X resolution

However, mainly Xbox series X console detects the screen resolution of the picture or video automatically on the smart TV. In the world, you will find an exception in all things and if the same thing occurs here and your Xbox series console can’t find the resolution then you can reset it.

You can solve the issue of the black screen by resetting the resolution Xbox series x TV. The solution is not so hard. You feel like you are playing the game from the controller if you will follow our tutorial guide steps.

  • Power on the Xbox series x TV.
  • Now, bear down the Xbox button to move on the guide menu in Xbox series X TV.
  • Inside the guide menu, you will be able to see the profile & system option. Click on it and move inside it. Inside the Profile & system, you have to click on settings.
  • On the settings, the menu screen chooses the General option. Now, go down into the TV > display options sub-menu.
  • Here, you see some options to select the resolution. You can choose 480px, 720px, 4kUHD etc from here. My suggestion is that you have to choose the screen resolution according to your TV screen size. If you will choose low resolution then at this time you will be able to see the picture on your TV display but it might not be clear properly.


Black screen or low-quality picture issue occurs into Xbox series x smart TV due to only improper resolution settings. It can happen when your Xbox series x TV’s console can’t detect the TV resolution automatically.