how to reset an Xbox series x

No matter how revolutionary the Xbox Series X hardware is, we all know that a hard reboot is required at some point to exit a locked or frozen console. Will the X-series controller accidentally disconnect from the console? Did you lose control of the game at a critical moment because the keyboard stopped working? Similarly, many gamers will
find that Xbox Series X will become so messy in the future that a hard reset to factory reset is the best practice.

If so, you may be one of the ever-growing Xbox Series X users who experienced a controller disconnect error on their joystick. If so, then you need to try once restarting Xbox series x or factory resetting Xbox series x.

Soft restart of Xbox series x

If a common or normal issue will occur in your Xbox series x then it can be sorted out by simple and soft restart or soft reset Xbox series x. We will simply reboot the Xbox series x and solves the problem.


  • On the screen press the Guide Button.
  • Now, move to the Profile & system. In which you will see a Power, Click on it. (Profile > system > Power).
  • Choose a Restart console. It will restart automatically now and the soft reset process will be completed in the next few moments.

Moreover, you can soft reset your Xbox series x by the power button. Simply press the power button and hold it till power down occur into the Xbox series x controller. Wait for some time so that Xbox series x can properly shut down. Now, you can press again turn-on button and wait till Xbox series x restarts again. Check you have successfully resolved the issue or not. In case, you still facing the same problem then we have another solution for that issue.

Factory reset Xbox series x

There are many reasons why you might want to factory reset your Xbox Series X. A common cause may be a console crash, which can only be solved by these extreme options. You want to sell or trade your console. Also, you can perform the factory reset or hard reset operation if you can’t able to solve any error using the soft restart.

  • Start the process by turn on Xbox series x through the power button and press the Guide Button to enter into the menu.
  • Now, In the guide menu, you have to navigate at the Profile & settings and inside it, you will find the Settings menu with gear icon (profile & settings -> settings ).
  • Once you navigate to the settings menu click on the system and after that click on the console info. (system -> console info).
  • Furthermore, choose Reset console.
  • You will get 2 options here to factory reset to Xbox series x. one is RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING for a full factory reset, another is RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS to keep your data and games into the Xbox series x. If you want to keep the games then you should choose the second option otherwise you can choose the first option. If you found some internal issue due to games then we recommended you delete all the games and download them again.