How to reset Bestisan Soundbar?

In this article, we will learn to reset Bestisan Soundbar. But before knowing this we have to know that,

Bestisan Soundbar’s features:

If you are looking for an awesome Soundbar to use with your television or home theater. So, you can purchase this device known as Bestisan Soundbar. It has DSP technology. You can use this technology when you are watching any movie. This technology will help you when you only want to listen to the dialogues because it removes the background audio.

Now, let’s come to connection features. If you have some old sort of television or any other device. In this case, you can easily connect your Bestisan Soundbar through the wires. It supports the USB cable as well as the AUX cord. Now if you have newly built televisions or home theaters that support the Bluetooth connection. Then you can easily connect it through the wireless mode. You will just have to pair your Bestisan Soundbar with your television.

You can also connect the Soundbar with your mobile phone and listen to your favorite songs. It has version 5.0 Bluetooth.

Why do we need to reset the Bestisan Soundbar?

When you connect your Bestisan Soundbar with your television or home theater. Sometimes it does not connect due to some connectivity error. This problem occurs many times when you connect your soundbar through Bluetooth. Many of us now have a smart TV. So, mostly we connect it through Bluetooth. So, when we try to pair our Bestisan Soundbar we face this issue and our television or mobile phone doesn’t pair with the Soundbar.

The main reason behind this problem is connecting our Soundbar with many devices at a time. When we do this, the Bluetooth connection gets crowded and then unbale to pair with devices. We can fix this type of error by ourselves. We just have to reset the Bestisan Soundbar.

If you are planning to give your Bestisan Soundbar to someone else. Or if you are going to sell it. Then in these cases also you have to reset the Bestisan soundbar. Whenever you will give or sell your Soundbar then the person who will take it has to make the changes in the device.

To change the account or to change the settings. He/she will need to clear all the previous data and configuration of the Bestisan Soundbar. One can only erase all the previous contents and settings when he/she will reset the Bestisan Soundbar.


So, these all were the problems that can only be fixed when we will reset our Bestisan Soundbar. If you don’t know how to reset the Bestisan Soundbar? Then follow the given steps properly which will help you to learn the process:

  • First of all, we will find the volume button and power button given on the Bestisan soundbar.
  • After we will get the power button and volume button on the device. We have to hold them and then press for more than 5 seconds together. (We have to press it at the same time)
  • Now we need to remove the power supply from our Bestisan Soundbar. To do this we will go to the power supply outlet and remove the cable of the Bestisan soundbar from there.
  • Once we will do this step then after that we have to again give the power supply to the Bestisan Soundbar.
  • For this, we will again connect the power cable of the device to the power supply outlet.
  • After this step our Bestisan Soundbar will start the process of resetting.

After the reset will complete then your speakers and subwoofers provided with the Soundbar will also get unpaired. So, you will also have to connect them for using the Bestisan Soundbar.