how to reset boat Air dopes 402

While using and checking the performance of the boat Air dopes 402, we have found many problems which can occur. Here, we have a list of the problems and solutions for it. However, all problems can solve by reset boat Air dopes 402.

  • Both earbuds are not pairing to each other
  • One of the earbuds disconnect during the phone call
  • You feel some delay in the voice
  • Sound problem.
  • Connect and disconnect automatically while using it.
  • all other common problems and exceptions

So, if you find any problem with the above list in the boat Air dopes 402 then you should reset it. In the below section of this guide, we have given the factory reset method to restore your boat Air dopes 402 to its original settings.

Hard reset Boat Air dopes 402

The hard reset process is not useful only to solve any issue. You can use it to wipe all the small information. Either you want to give it to another person as a gift or trade it then you can master reset boat air dopes. Once you master reset air dopes, you will find that they will be the same as you bought.
Perform this operation for the boat air dopes 402 if you face any difficulty like above.

  • Check the battery percentage of the charging case of the boat air dopes 402. If you found battery percentage is not enough then you should connect charging with it.
  • Now, put both the earbuds in the charging case. Make sure you have put it in the correct orientation.
  • Now, In the 8 seconds, you have to long-press CTC on both earbuds. When you see red and blue LED flashing, it means the factory reset operation is compiled truly.
  • After the third step, you have to close the lid of the charging case and open it again.
  • Now, to restart the earbuds, simply take them out from the charging case. It will automatically restart.

However, if you don’t want to reset whole Air dopes 402 using the hard reset process then you can simply do soft rest also. After using the earbuds when it is in the stand-by mode, you have to tap on the CTC for 5 seconds. This process also called manual power off Air dopes. It will turn off both the ear dopes.
Rather, you should perform the regular manual power-off operation so that you can avoid the common issues in the boat Air dopes 11.


Air dopes do not store your personal data, so factory reset in Air dopes is only to solve the issue. When you found the glitches, you should master reset the boat Air dopes 402. Before you found issues, be safe by regularly performing soft reset or power cycle reset.