How to reset boat airdopes 311?

In this article we will learn to reset boat airdopes 311. Nowadays many new Bluetooth headsets are coming. One of the leading companies which is manufacturing the Bluetooth headset is boat. The airdopes 311 are among one of the best Bluetooth earphones from boat. If you want to buy a headset which continuously gives you a good battery backup. Then this device will be a good choice for you. This headset from boat gives the battery backup up to 3.5 hours while using it.

This headset also consists of Stereo calling feature which provides you a crisp and clear communication. It comes with the multi-tasking controls with which you can easily gain control over calls, voice assistant and playbacks. You can easily connect it with android phone as well as iPhone by pairing it through Bluetooth. The boat airdopes 311 also consists of microphone which comes inbuilt. This headset also resists water and sweat. So, you can easily workout while using it. You can also go outside in rainy season with it.

Why do we need to reset boat airdopes 311?

: If you are using your boat airdopes for a long time. Suddenly one day you observe that the sound coming from your device is getting low. Or you are having issues while connecting your device with your mobile phone. If your boat airdopes 311 is having some charging issue and battery backup is getting less day by day.
These all technical as well as connection issues arise with many Bluetooth earphones. If you are also facing these types of problems with your boat airdopes 311. To fix these problems you need to reset boat airdopes 311.

Note: once your boat airdopes 311 will reset then after that you have to pair them again with your mobile phone or laptop. Once they get reset, they are not able to recognize or find your device automatically. You will be not able to find your device after the reset, so first, you will have to pair them again.

Read the steps given below if you want to know that, how to reset airdopes 311?

  • First of all, you have to take your boat headset from the case.
  • After that you have to open the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and then go to the connected device menu.
  • Now, in the menu of connected device, if your boat headset is connected to your mobile phone then you have to disconnect it from this menu.
  • Once the boat headset 311 gets disconnected from the mobile phone, you have to put them again inside.
  • Now when you will put it inside, you have to hold and press the MFB for more than 5 to 6 seconds.
  • After that when you will observe the lights given on the case started blinking and then turned off.
  • Your boat airdopes 311 completed the process of factory reset.