• A Circadian rhythm acts like a biological clock in your body which affects mainly the sleep cycle, it gets regulated every 24 hours.
  • It is responsible for poking the brain to send sleep triggers and largely works in association with sources of light and that is why most people will find themselves sleepy at night and energetic throughout the day.
  • When we are awake for longer hours or during those times of the day when our body is not used to being awake, even for quite a few days, we are disrupting our circadian cycle, and hence after that period of time, a person will not be able to sleep or remain awake at the time that they used to.
  • Here is when the need to reset the circadian cycle arises.
  • Whether you want to expand the hours at which you’re awake or you want to reset the timing of your sleep schedule, we are here to guide you through it all. The following tips will help you.

NOTE: This article talks about resetting your circadian cycle in the way that you desire it to be and not necessarily bringing it to the standard circadian cycle rhythm, but with the help of this passage it will extremely beneficial for you to bring better changes and discipline yourself in life. Also, note that everybody’s body is different and the time that your circadian rhythm takes to reset will also vary, so there is not a definite answer to by when will your circadian rhythm reset, however, it won’t take long if you’re determined to make changes in your lifestyle.

Exposure to a Medium of Light:

If you expose yourself to a source of light at the time you desire to be awake for a period of time you can reset your circadian cycle to trigger you to be awake at that time and vice versa. If surrounding yourself with darkness and the medium to be asleep in before your bedtime it will do the opposite.

Trying Supplements:

Studies show that when we’re under stress our brain releases a hormone that causes sleeplessness, so if you’re someone who has a stressful job or is under a lot of pressure right now probably you should consider taking some sort of melatonin supplements it would help you to sleep earlier. Other than that you can also try caffeine products like coffee or even caffeine pills as they’re an energy booster and can help you to be awake for longer. [This is not for you if you have any underlying conditions]

Cutting down on napping

is also crucial as if you spend time sleeping during the day you may not feel the same at night when your body actually needs rest, and if you have some important work in the night maybe like a night shift job, it would be best for you to do the opposite i.e. sleep during the day.


Some people experience bouts of sleepiness right after exercise due to tiredness and some feel extremely energetic right after. Identify the type of individual you are and use it to your benefit. For example, if you’re the type of person who prefers to take a rest after exercising then work out a while before you wish to be asleep and vice versa.

Role of Electronics:

The devices we use today right before sleeping and after waking up can be called the main culprit of causing a circadian rhythm imbalance. Blue light emitted by our cell phones have shown to hinder the hormone that produces melatonin and eventually puts us to sleep, it might just be an act to kill boredom for you or to have fun, talk to friends, etc though it’s not only responsible for ruining your circadian rhythm but mental health as well. Spending minimal time has no restraints when you want to reset circadian rhythm but when the time exceeds half an hour it surely does.

The Right Diet:

having heavy meals not only would keep you up but it also causes harm to your digestion process to sleep right after consuming them, this can lead to waking up in the middle of the night or disturbed sleep. Have a light meal that’s rich in protein so it goes easy for your body and help to aid your circadian rhythm

Adjust Your Mealtimes:

having meals at different times of the day also causes a great difference as when your digestion process is in action.

This is how you can effectively reset circadian cycle.

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