how to reset Fitbit charge 3 to give to someone else

There can be many reasons to give your Fitbit charge 3 fitness smart tracker to some other user. I really don’t know the reason why you are giving it to another person. Might, you are selling it to another person or you giving it to anyone as a gift. you want to upgrade your Fitbit device that can be one cause to give Fitbit charge 3 to another one.

Well, you have already decided to give Fitbit charge to another person then you should follow some instructions for your privacy. It’s a normal and simple instruction to erase the data from Fitbit charge 3. 

I think you should ask a single question yourself. Do you know how you can reset Fitbit charge 3 to give someone else? No, we know that and that’s why we have created this tutorial only for you visitors.

Master reset Fitbit charge 3 to give to someone else

In this section, you will learn to hard reset Fitbit charge 3 from the settings menu of the tracker. Also, we will use a USB charging cable so make sure you have it. The purpose to connect a USB cable to your device is that your device should not discharge while you are doing the master reset process. So, nothing special about using a USB cable. It’s only for charging purposes. 

  •  At first, step, take a USB cable and plug in one end to the computer USB port or in the charger port. Plugin another end in the device or Fitbit charge 3 fitness tracker.
  • Now, swipe left and you will see icons and menus while doing that. Stop when you see a gear icon (settings menu). Click on the gear icon to go inside the settings menu.
  • Go at the down in the settings menu where you will find the About option and select it by tapping on it.
  • When in the about section you will scroll down you will see clear user data. Simple, click on it.
  • Again, scroll down and you have to press the checkmark button to confirm the hard reset in your Fitbit charge 3.
    Finished! Now, you can’t do anything without waiting for 2 to 4 minutes to use your Fitbit charge
    3 devices.

Last words

It is important that we wipe all our personal data before we give it to other people. However, the
purpose of giving them is can be anything like you are selling it or gifting it but the main thing is
the protection of personal data Which we have seen in the above tutorial how you could do that.