How to reset Fitbit inspire 2?

If you don’t know how to reset Fitbit Inspire 2, then read this article to know the process.

Fitbit inspire 2 is a fitness tracker which is used by many people. By using this device, you can easily track your
heartbeat, count the number of steps you have walked as well as your calories and many more activities. You can also get the notification when anyone will call you or text you by using it.

To connect it with your device you just need to open the Bluetooth and from there you can easily pair it. This Fitbit inspire 2 provides you very long-lasting battery life, once you will charge it fully then it will last till 10 days. It is also very light in weight, the weight of Fitbit inspire 2 is only 30 grams, so it will not let you feel heavy on your wrists.

When we use this kind of product, sometimes because of some issue we need to reset it. The issues might be of some
technical problem or we just want to clear all previous data and restart our goal again. We also need to reset it when we have to give this device to anybody else.

How to reset Fitbit inspire 2?

  • In starting, we have to first turn on the Fitbit inspire 2. We can do it by pressing the button which is present on our tracker.
  • Now, when we will open the device, after that we have to open the settings by scrolling the screen upside down.
  • In the settings tab, we will choose “about” and open it.
  • After opening this tab, we will find the “clear user data” option.
  • Now we will press it for few seconds.
  • When we will observe that our Fitbit inspire 2 is vibrating and the clock is appearing on the screen, then our
    process to reset Fitbit inspire 2 is finished.