how to reset Fitbit surge for new user

Are you selling your Fitbit device to another person? Are you giving any Fitbit device to another person to use every day? Yes, then you might have to factory reset Fitbit surge for a new user. 

You need to delete all the personal information which remains inside the internal storage of the Fitbit device such as credit card information, payment and billing information, contact information, etc. Don’t waste your precious time to delete or wipe all the data one by one rather you can delete it with a single click.

So, perform a factory reset and wipe all the data in a single click. You will reset your Fitbit device in 4 to 5 minutes even though any model you are using. By the way, For each different model different method to factory reset the Fitbit device. Here, Guides given to factory reset the Fitbit surge.

Method to factory reset Fitbit surge for new user

When you do a quick reset, soft reset, or simply restart your Fitbit surge by pressing the side button in your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker then it will not erase any information which is inside the internal memory. 

This is the strict suggestion from my side to operate a factory reset to wipe all the data before you give it to the new user. If you will do only a soft reset then the new user might get all the important and personal data and it can be painful for you. 

So, start the factory reset Fitbit surge for the new users without any delay. You can factory reset the Fitbit surge by going on the Fitbit official website. 


  • Open the website on the mobile’s browser or laptop’s browser. You can use any browser according to your choice. There is no restriction on the use of the browser.
  • Click on the settings menu ( Gear icon ) on your screen. See it at the right top corner of your screen if you don’t found it on the screen.
  • Now, click on the image which is available on your screen for your Fitbit surge.
  • move down at the bottom of the page to factory reset Fitbit surge. Find the “Remove your device” option on the screen click on it.
  • In the last step follow the instruction which you will get on the screen of your browser.

You have finished the factory reset of the Fitbit surge fitness tracker or smartwatch. One small suggestion from our side is that still check once your device and confirm that you deleted all the data. Sometimes, due to some glitches, some data remains inside your device. If you found data while checking it then perform the above operation again and sort out that problem.

Conclusion and warnings
Great, you have done factory reset your Fitbit surge smart tracker before you give it to the new user. Now, feel free to give anyone without concern about your personal information and data licking. That’s all for you from our side.