how to reset Fitbit zip wireless after changing battery

Fitbit zip wireless looks simple from the outside. As you know device is the wireless so it uses the battery to operate the device. If you are using the Fitbit zip for a long time means since 2 or more years then you need to change the battery due to more reasons. That reason could be your device’s battery discharge, again and again, the device working slow due to battery issue. 

Now, you have only one option remains to replace the battery of the Fitbit Zip. Once you change the battery you need to set all things again and the question arises here. Do you know how to reset Fitbit zip wireless after changing the battery? 

Don’t need to be panic. We are always with you to take care of over visitors. We come up with brand new technics to reset the Fitbit zip wireless after changing the battery. My suggestion to you is that follow every single step in order. Don’t jump between instruction steps. 

Reset Fitbit Zip wireless after changing the battery

You can use this resetting method for Fitbit zip wireless for several reasons after changing the battery. Due to some issues, after changing the battery your Fitbit zip doesn’t work properly that is a normal problem. Many Visitors are facing these types of issues.

Sometimes after changing the battery in Fitbit zip, you can’t show the battery charging light, Fitbit zip smart tracker does not respond rather you are using it while it is in the charging.  Moreover, sometimes you will see that your Fitbit zip smart tracker is doesn’t track any activity.
Another normal problem that occurs after changing the battery of the Fitbit zip smart tracker is that you can’t sync the tracker to your smartphone. These all are usual and standard trouble-shooting. We can settle it using these steps.


  • Take your Fitbit Zip fitness smart tracker and open the battery door from the backside of it. If you can’t able to open using your smooth hand then use the battery door tool.
  • Now, remove the old or discharged battery from the device.
  • Put the newly charged battery into the battery box. Make sure that the positive side of the battery which you will see with the + sign remains upside and close the battery door using the battery door tool or your hand.
  • Your Fitbit zip smart tracker will be reset in the next 30 to 40  seconds. Once, it will restart you can see the version number of the model and after it one smiley emoji.
  • You can do whatever on the screen of the tracker as you do before resetting the Fitbit zip device.