how to reset google nest thermostat

You may want to reset Google Nest Smart Thermostat as part of a troubleshooting step or for other reasons. A reset to the factory settings cancels learning and removes all personal settings. After the reset, you’ll need to go through the setup again and add the thermostat back to your Nest account.

Whether your Nest thermostat appears sluggish, can’t hook up with Wi-Fi, or is frozen, you’ll be able to strive to restart or resetting it to its industrial plant settings to revive it to normal.

Remove Google nest thermostat from the nest account

Before you do a factory reset Google nest thermostat, you must have to unlink it from the nest account. You can perform this task using the nest app. There are few easy steps to remove the Google nest thermostat from the nest account. handle it.


  • Either you can use a mobile phone or tablet to do this task. Take anyone from both and open the nest app into it.
  • conspicuous, it can happen multiple homes registered into your nest app account. If so then select the menu icon from the left corner of the home screen of the app. Now, select the home from which you want to unlink the
    Google nest thermostat.
  • Select the thermostat which you want to unlink by clicking on the name of it.
  • Now, just click on the Settings menu icon which you will find at the top right corner of the Google nest app.

  • To remove or unlink move down in the settings menu and tap on remove Option. 
  • You will get a confirmation message to unlink it and you have to allow unlink here by tapping on the Yes. 
  • So, you have to unlink the device from the Google nest thermostat.
  • Now, it’s time to factory reset the Google nest thermostat. Follow my steps for it.

    Factory reset Google nest thermostat

    Even if you simply move to a new home, you will have to do a factory reset google thermostat it is because of the fact that the router network name will be changed and, more importantly, the heating and cooling systems in the new home may be different from what it is You had originally configured your Nest thermostat.


    • You have to press down the thermostat face to access the menu.
    • currently, you need to select the settings icon or the gear icon, To do so that turn the ring and select it.
    • Press or tap on it to select the settings menu.
    • Again, turn the ring in the settings menu, you will the reset option on the screen then press down on it to select it.
    • Here, you will find the option of factory reset to your Google nest thermostat press down on it to enter that menu.
    • Turn the ring again to select the All Settings menu. Once it highlighted while turning the ring press down on it.
    • From now, select the Reset option and conform to factory reset nest thermostat.

    • Turn the ring to confirm the factory reset and press ok.  Now, press down the thermostat and wait to restart the thermostat. It will take some moments to restart again.