How to reset hp envy laptop to factory settings?

How to do a hard reset on hp envy laptop?

Here we will know how to the reset hp envy laptop to factory settings. When we reset our hp envy laptop to factory settings then all of our important files, videos, applications, and documents get deleted permanently. So, before resetting our hp envy laptop we must know this thing. You can only activate your windows again if you reset your device.

We only reset our device to factory settings in conditions like giving it to someone else or we have to sell it. When we will be in need to remove all of our data then only, we will reset our hp envy laptop. Our all the settings will also be removed and our laptop will come back to the default way just like when it was after buying.

So, always we have to first confirm these things and after than only we have to take the decision to reset our hp envy laptop. Now follow the given process to hard reset hp envy laptop:

  • First of all, we have to go to the “start” screen. In the search option we will type “reset”.
  • Once we will do that, we will get the option for the reset to factory settings.
  • Now we have to select that option by clicking on it.
  • After that, we will see a new window “update and recovery”.
  • Now we have to choose the second option which is for “remove everything and reinstall windows”.
  • We will click on “getting started”. Doing so we will be prompted to the new window “reset your PC”.
  • In that, we will have to choose “next”. Now we will see the option “insert your windows”.
  • From there we have to select the option and choose the drives if we have multiple drives. We will make our
    selection and proceed.
  • By choosing other drives we will be able to clean them as well.
  • Now, we will be prompted to the window “ready to reset”. From there we will choose the “reset” option and the
    process of resetting will begin.
  • This will take some time we have to wait until our hp envy laptops restarts and then the process will complete.