How to reset hp pavilion laptop?

In this article, you will learn to reset a hp pavilion laptop. Nowadays, most of us are using laptops instead of PC because laptops are very easy to carry and we can take them anywhere. Now we can work anywhere because of laptops, we don’t need a table or some electrical connections to use laptops.

But before using it, we must know some of the basics. Whenever we will be in need to clear all the previous data from our laptop or to reconfigure the settings of it. If we also want to give the HP pavilion laptop to anybody else, for doing all of this we must know things like how to restore, how to restart, and

how to reset a hp pavilion laptop.

So, first of all we will know a very basic thing which is how to restart a hp pavilion laptop?

  • We will learn to restart our HP pavilion laptop using its keyboard.
  • The first step is that we have to hold the alternate (alt), delete (del), and control (ctrl) buttons together, and then we have to press them at one time.
  • Then we have to release the buttons, after that, we will see the windows menu.
  • In the windows menu, we will see the ‘power’ icon at the bottom of the right side of the menu.
  • We will click on that icon.
  • Once we will click on that, we will get the option for “restart”, we will click on it and confirm it.
  • Our laptop will restart.

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How to restore a HP pavilion laptop?

  • To restore our HP pavilion laptop first of all we have to press the F11 button randomly 3 to 4 times.
  • Now we will see the prompt of “troubleshoot”.
  • From that, we will get the option of “restore this pc”.
  • We have to click on that option.
  • After clicking that option, we will get two options. One for resetting by keeping our files and one for resetting by deleting our files.
  • We have to choose any one of them as per our wish.
  • After selecting our HP pavilion laptop will get restored.

Now, we will know how to hard reset a HP pavilion laptop:

  • First of all, we have to turn on our laptop.
  • After turning it on, we will hold the windows key and the S button and then press them together at one time.
  • Now we have to type “reset” and then we have to press enter.
  • After doing that we will reach the right panel, where we have to click on “get started”.
  • When we will click on that, we will have to select the option of “reset” with removing our files.
  • Once we will click on that and do the confirmation. The process of hard resetting the laptop will complete.
  • That’s all.