how to reset inspire HR without losing data

Mainly, all Fitbit devices working well without any trouble but sometimes it’s acting unproperly. Moreover, it’s showing some errors. Here, we have given detailed information about Inspire HR. At beneath, we have written the troubleshooting problems which can occur with your Inspire HR. 

To solve the issue you have to factory reset it. Do you know, how you can factory reset inspire HR without losing the data? You need not worry about it because we have written some steps here to soft reset inspire HR.

Symptoms of troubleshooting in inspire HR

If you encounter any of the following issues and have verified your settings, please reset your device using the given method in this article.

  • It does not track activities such as steps and other fitness data.  
  • If the performance of Inspire HR is very slow.

  • It does not turn on pretty well after a full charge. 
  •  Fitbit app stuck when finding the Bluetooth connection between the devices.
  •  Fitbit Inspire HR and the phone connection are not working properly.

  • will not respond to button presses, taps, or swipes on the screen. 

  • Inspire HR is not syncing or cannot sync completely.
  • It Will not show any notifications and not tracking the sleep data or any other things.

Reset Inspire HR without losing the data

While facing any issue from the above list you can force restart your inspire HR so that you can reset it. Main benefit to solve the issue using this method is that you will not lose any kind of data which is stored into the inspire HR.

  • Take a charging USB cable.
  • You need to plug in into the USB port of your computer device. Also, you can plug into the charger of the device.
  • Now, second end of USB cable plug in into the Your Fitbit inspire HR tracker.
  • You will see a button on your Fitbit inspire HR tracker. Press it and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Now, after make sure you have hold the button till your inspire HR tracker vibrates or smiling icon appears on the screen of tracker.
  • Great! Soft reset process is finished and you have reset Inspire HR without facing the any kind of data loss.

Conclusion and warnings

Here, you have successfully compiled soft reset into your Fitbit inspire HR smart tracker. In case, if you are not able to solve the issue using the soft reset then you must have to do it factory reset.

When you perform factory/hard reset operations on Fitbit inspire HR you will lose all the data store in your tracker. So, this is my strong suggestion for you. First, resolve the issue using soft reset if it is possible.