kidde 21026043

How to reset kidde 21026043 Battery-operated first alert?

The product kidde 21026043 is an alarm that works as a voice alarm and whenever there is a smoke hazard or fire hazard it alerts everyone by alarming in the form of sound “fire”. It also gives a warning when there is a carbon monoxide hazard it starts alarming in the form of sound “warning, carbon monoxide”. Today we will learn Kidde 21026043 reset process.
Now, we all got to know that how this product can be very useful in saving us from many dangerous hazards and its special voice feature makes it more useful as people will get help in understanding which type of hazard is coming for them.

One more thing which makes it more awesome is that kidde 21026043 works with the use of battery so we need not worry whenever there will be no power supply in our area, still our alarm will work we just need to do one thing is to make sure that our battery is fully charged.

Sometimes, our alarms start giving false alarm due to some technical issue or might be due to an old battery. To solve this false alarming issue we will reset kidde 21026043.

Reset Kidde 21026043 Battery-operated first alert

We will now, learn to reset kidde 21026043 Battery-operated first alert, in this article just read the below process:

  • Go to the place where you have fixed your kidde 21026043 smoke alarm and remove it from there.
  • Now there will be a cover inside which battery is available. Just open the cover to remove the battery which is present there.
  • The next process is very simple, we all know where the test button is present just hold that button. While holding it we need to click it for a few seconds.
  • This process of pressing the button is for resetting your kidde 21026043 Battery-operated first alert.
  • Once you did that the remaining power of the battery will drain and the Kidde reset process will complete.

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