how to reset Lexmark C3224dw printer?

We have to refile the ink in every printer when it finishes. Ink is the basic requirement of the Lexmark C3224dw also. After refiling the ink you must have to reset Lexmark c3224dw printer otherwise system will show you bugs sometimes. Here, we have some steps to reset Lexmark cartridge memory.
Rather you can factory reset Lexmark C3324dw printer if it is not working properly. When it prints only half pages or half text, and any other error occurs then you should factory reset it to restore default settings and remove glitches.

Factory reset Lexmark C3224dw printer

You should use this method while troubleshooting on the Lexmark printer. It will completely reset your whole printer. It will make your device system fresh and error-free just the same as a new device.

  • Power on the Lexmark printer and on the menu’s home screen, choose Settings, and tap on the OK button to continue with the next step.
  • Choose General Settings on the screen and tap the OK button again.
  • Now, you have to choose the Factory Defaults option and press the OK.
  • On the screen, tap on Restore Now.
  • In the last, step, click on the OK button.

This process has restored your Lexmark printer to factory default settings. Now, you can power off and restart again and it will work properly according to your command.

Reset Lexmark C3224DW printer’s Ink Cartridge chip

Lexmark c3224dw printer comes with an inbuilt Ink cartridge chip. These chips monitor the amount of toner in the cartridge. When the toner runs out, the chip sends an alert which indicates that the toner cartridge is almost empty. After that when you refile the cartridge, the chip will not reset automatically. So, to reset the amount of toner you have to reset the chip manually. When you will reset the Ink level in the printer chip will recognize that level and it will show you an alert when it becomes empty again.

  • Turn off the printer and disconnect all cords from the printer.
  • You have to long-press the return and ready button together to turn on the Lexmark printer.
  • While holding both buttons you will see a self-test page on the display of the printer. Now, you can let go of both the button.
  • Once, self-test page display opens, access the “diagnostics mode” and select the “maintenance count option” on the printer display.
  • In the fifth step, you have to select the reset option to reset the ink level automatically.
  • Finally, you will not get the errors for low ink or chip reset.
  • Now, push the return button again and go back to the diagnostics mode. Now, check that your printer is working fine or not.


To remove anonymous errors you have to restore the Lexmark printer to factory default settings. If you found an error due to low in rather you have refiled the Ink then you should reset the Ink level of the printer manually.