How to reset LG Soundbar sh2 with remote?

In this article, we will know the process to reset LG Soundbar sh2 with a remote. But before this, we must know about the features of this Soundbar.

This soundbar from LG is one of the best soundbars which we can use with our television, mobile phone and, desktops. If you want to buy a soundbar that also has woofers connected with it. Then you must buy this product as it consists of sub-woofer wired with it. You can easily connect the LG soundbar sh2 with your desktops and mobile phones through Bluetooth mode.

This LG soundbar has the feature of Adaptive Sound control. This feature helps us when we are watching different kinds of stuffs on our television. Like if we are watching sports then this sound bar will automatically adapt the sound mode for sports. In the case of movies also id does the same. When we are watching movies then at that time our sound bar will focus on the sound of movie dialogue. We can also connect our LG sound bar sh2 without wire with our television. If we have a smart TV then we can directly connect the sound bar by pairing it with our TV.

Why do we need to reset the LG Soundbar sh2?

When you connect your LG Sound bar sh2 with your television or home theater. Sometimes it does not connect due to some connectivity error. This problem occurs many times when you connect your soundbar through Bluetooth. Many of us now have a smart TV. So, mostly we connect it through Bluetooth. So, when we try to pair our LG Sound bar, we face this issue and our television or mobile phone doesn’t pair with the Soundbar.

The main reason behind this problem is connecting our Soundbar with many devices at a time. When we do this, the Bluetooth connection gets crowded and then unbale to pair with devices. We can fix this type of error by ourselves. We just have to reset the LG Soundbar sh2.
If you are planning to give your LG Soundbar to someone else. Or if you are going to sell it. Then in these cases also you have to reset the LG sound bar sh2. Whenever you will give or sell your Soundbar then the person who will take it has to make the changes in the device. To change the account or to change the settings. He/she will need to clear all the previous data and configuration of the LG Soundbar. One can only erase all the previous contents and settings when he/she will reset the LG Sound bar.

Follow the given steps if you want to know that how to reset LG Sound bar sh2 with remote

  • First of all, you have to find the button given for “volume down” on your LG soundbar sh2. You will get this button on the control panel of LG soundbar.
  • After that, you have to take the remote of LG sound bar sh2.
  • Now, you have to hold the volume down button of the sound bar and sound effect button of the remote together and then press them. (You have to press both of them at the same time)
  • You have to press both of the buttons for at least 5 seconds. After that, you will see a reset option on the screen of your TV.
  • Once you will get the “reset” option then you have to choose this by pressing “ok” on the remote.
  • After choosing this option you will get a confirmation notification. You just have to confirm it by again pressing ok.
  • Once you will do this then your LG soundbar will start the reset process.

Once you will reset the LG soundbar sh2. After that, you will have to reconfigure all the settings and connect it to your device again.