Sometimes when our phone is lagging a lot, has some sort of malware or virus and helps in fixing many errors which you may not know even exist. It does not change the device’s operating system in any way and in many cases can ensure smooth running of the phone.

The process of resetting a LG stylo 5 mobile is utterly simple and this article is to help to understand how to do it and its impact on your LG stylo 5. We will be discussing two ways to do so, one is the simple factory reset and the other method is the hard reset.


  • The first step to do so is make sure your phone is charged above 50 % as this is just to make sure the battery does not run out during the reset, this process requires turning the power off and on.
  • Next step, Go to settings application on your LG stylo 5 phone.
  • You will be able to see a general option towards the top right of the phone. Click on that
  • Scroll down and you will be able that under the Systems option is a Restart and reset option. [6 th from top]. Click on that.
  • Then click on the last option displayed on your screen that says ‘Factory data reset’.
  • Now before you perform the last step kindly make sure that you have stored or transferred all the important data
    from your LG stylo 5 phone like contacts, documents, chats etc. So now, you will be able to see a RESET PHONE option towards the down right corner of your phone. Click on that.
  • Then simply select the Delete all option.
  • Once you do that you need to power off your phone and here’s how to power off and power on a LG stylo 5

How to power off a LG stylo 5?

  • Click and hold the right side
  • Click the top most option that says power off.

How to power on a LG stylo 5?

  • Click on the volume down button and the right sidepower on button together. Press and hold.
  • When u see the LG stylo 5logo displayed on the screen let go of the power button and then press again. All of this while holding on to the volume down button on the downwards left side of the LG stylo 5 phone.
  • Now there will be ‘Delete all user data (including LG and carrier apps)’ displayed on your screen and with the help of volume down button go on YES option and press the OK using the power button.
  • Then it is you have to confirm again and clicking the yes option by the same process written above.
  • Following that your phone will shut down and it may take a few minutes for it turn on again.