How to reset Mgaolo Slim Fitness Tracker?

Here, we will learn to reset Mgaolo Slim Fitness tracker. If anyone one does not know what Mgaolo Fitness tracker is then just read this article you will come to know about it and its function. So, Mgaolo slim fitness tracker is a type of smart watch. We can use this tracker to track our blood pressure as well as heart rate.

It counts our everyday steps, how much distance we have travelled. It also tracks that how much calories we have taken as well as our working and sleeping time. If we want to give our Mgaolo slim fitness tracker to any other
person. Then we will need to clear all of our data related to steps, calories, distance we travelled and all the other features has.

In this situation we can clear its all the progress by only one method and that method is to reset Mgaolo Slim fitness tracker.

Before proceeding to the exact procedure for doing a factory reset. We must have to know that we cannot reset our Mgaolo slim fitness tracker without downloading the “H Band” application on our mobile phone.

Below is the process through which we can reset Mgaolo Slim fitness tracker easily.

Just follow them:

  • We have to first download the app on our mobile phone. This app is provided on both play store and Appstore.
  • Now we will pair our Mgaolo slim fitness tracker with our mobile phone.
  • Then we will open the “H Band” app which we have installed in our mobile phone. After the app will open, we have to go to the settings option.
  • Now we will select “about” and open this tab.
  • Once the tab will open, we will see the option “factory reset/clear all data”. We have to just tap on this.
  • After tapping it we will get a prompt to confirm the process. We will press on confirm for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Now the device will start to reset and erase all the previous data.