How to reset moto g6 forge?

In this article we will learn to reset moto g6 forge. Before this we need to know that,

So, factory reset is a process which we use when our mobile phone needs to be totally clean. When you do a factory reset of moto g6 forge then it allows your mobile phone to remove every data. Now, this data can be related to your google account. This is also related to your favorite photos and videos which you have stored on your mobile phone. A factory reset also clears the mobile settings which has done by you.

When your mobile phone will get reset then after that its settings will also come back to default. So, after performing a factory reset on your moto g6 forge. You have to reconfigure everything on your mobile phone.

If you want that your data should be restored. Then, before you will do a factory reset on your moto g6 forge, you must have to back up all of your data. This backup of your data should be on your google account. So, if you have backup your data on your google account.

Then from there, you will easily get your data back to your moto g6 forge. You will just have to link your Google account with your mobile phone. Once you will link your google account then from there all of your data will easily get reset.

Why do we need to reset moto g6 forge?

If we use our moto g6 forge for a long time. Then we experience that our mobile phone hangs many times. It works slowly or automatically restarts. We notice sometimes that the battery backup is reducing day by day. So, to fix these types of issues we have to reset moto g6 forge.

When we want to sell our mobile phone or gift it to someone. In this case, we have to first remove our account from the phone. We also have to clear all of our data like photos and videos. This situation also happens when we upgrade to a new mobile phone.

In this case, also we have to remove our Google account from our old phone. Now, to perform all these activities, we have to reset moto g6 forge. If you don’t know how to perform this, then just read the given steps below properly:

    • You have to first open your moto g6 forge’s screen. To do this you have to hold and then press the power button.
    • Now after that, you need to go to the option of settings.
    • Once you will find the settings option. Then just tap on it to open the settings menu.
    • Now in the menu of settings, you will see an option for “system”. You have to open this menu by tapping on it.
    • Once you will get the menu of system settings. There you have to tap on the “reset” option.
    • Now in the menu of “reset” you have to find the option for “factory reset”. Once you will find this you have to touch on it.
    • After doing this, you will get the confirmation in the written form “reset phone”. You have to confirm it by tapping on this.
    • Once you will do this, then you will be asked to provide the pin or pattern of your moto g6 forge which you have set before. Just provide it there.
    • Now you will have two options: erase everything while reset or keep everything. Just make your selection there and then the process of factory reset will start.

That’s it.