How to reset Motorola modem sb6141?

In this article, we will learn to reset Motorola modem sb6141. But before we will the reasons to reset the modem and its features. If you are looking for an affordable modem which gives you a good internet speed. Then this Motorola sb6141 modem will be a good choice for you. It comes with 3.0 cable and gives you a speed of more than 345 Mbps.

If you want to stream videos and audio then this modem will be very helpful for you. This Motorola modem easily works with any cable operators. You can very easily set up this modem. To set up it, you just have to connect the device with the live coax cable. After this, you have to plug the power cable and then it will take few seconds to get started.

Why do we need to reset the Motorola modem sb6141?

When we use the Motorola modem sb6141 for a long period of time. Then many technical errors come in front of us. Like in some cases it does not works same as it was used to work before. We face many issues related to network loss many times. Like when we were using the internet with it before then it was giving high speed.

But now its network connectivity started falling. So, we need to reset our Motorola modem to solve these types of problems.
Many more reasons also can be there. Like the connectivity problem of the modem with our mobile phones and desktops. This happens while we try to connect our device with Motorola modem sb6141 after a long time. In many cases, people also forget the password of the modem due to which they cannot connect their device with the modem. So, to get access to the modem again we have to change the password. Now if we want to change the password then we have to reset our Motorola modem sb6141.
These all were the reasons for which we have to reset the Motorola modem sb6141.


When we will reset our Motorola modem sb6141 then we will allow our device to remove all the configurations made by us previously. So, because of this, we have to configure our modem again from the starting process. We will also have to connect our desktop or smartphone with the modem to use the internet connection for any purpose.

This all things take place because whenever we reset our modem then it settles down to the default settings. Our Motorola modem’s settings become the same as the new one.

How to reset the Motorola modem sb6141?

If you don’t know the process to reset the Motorola modem sb6141, then read the given steps properly to reset the modem:
This process will take at least 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

  • First of all, you have to disconnect the modem from the coaxial cable.
  • Then if your Motorola modem is connected with the router, then you have to disconnect it from the router. After that, you need to connect it with your desktop or laptop.
  • Now, you have to remove the power cable from the modem and after some seconds again attach it.
  • After this, you have to open any browser and then reach to the website of the Motorola modem.
  • Now when the website page will appear, you will get a “configuration” option. Just click on this option.
  • In the configuration menu, you have to find the option for “reset to defaults”. This button will be at the center of the bottom on the page.
  • Now, just click on this button. After that you will have to confirm this process by pressing “ok”.
  • Once you will proceed by choosing ok then the process to reset the Motorola modem sb6141 will start.

You have to properly follow these instructions to complete this process. You will need at least 10 minutes to complete this process.