How to reset omega Ruby?

In order to know that how to reset omega Ruby, first of all you should know that this type of pokemon game only has the option of a single save file provided to each game card.
If you want to reset omega ruby then there is only one option that you must have to delete all the previous progress of the game.

Following are the given steps to know that how to reset omega Ruby:

  • Many people also play this game by downloading the emulator for Android phones and there also they get touch controls for pads and buttons.
  • Go to the main menu first.
  • To reset your Ruby you need to go to the D-pad and X and B buttons. After that, you click on the D-pad plus X and B button at a single time. (Remember that no button of all the three should be missed)
  • Once you complete this process you will see that there is a notification for confirmation. Now “your all previous progress will be delete” so just click on yes and that’s all.

The process of resetting your omega ruby is complete. Now you can get How to restart Pokémon ruby GBA?