how to reset passkey Xbox series x

Xbox One game consoles, Xbox One, and all-digital versions can require users to enter a passkey to verify the ownership of their player code. The passkey corresponds to the numbers 0-9, which are used in other ways in the mixed key mode. There are several benefits to use the passkey. Some of them, I have written here so that you can
understand the purpose to use the passkey. The passkey key stops the child or any other person from entering as an owner and changing the child’s or other person’s account settings.

You must need a passkey to each thing purchase in the Microsoft Store. TO setup passkey is the solution to put a limitation on the content which you want to provide to your child. The password you set in your profile will follow you on every Xbox console you use.  If you remember passkey for the Xbox series X TV then not any issue but what if you forgot the passkey? The Simple Way to get rid of it is that reset the passkey Xbox series x. 

Reset passkey Xbox series X if you forgotten it

When you forgot the passkey, you can’t access the console feature so that you have to reset the passkey of the Xbox series X TV. Here, you can’t able to reset it like a forgotten password instead of it Microsoft will generate a new passkey and send it to your email. 


  • Well, you forgotten the right passkey so open anything which asks you to enter the passkey.
  • When it asked you to enter the passkey, enter any wrong passkey 3 times which should be a combination of 6 digits.
  • Now, a pop-up will be prompted on the Xbox series X screen and that will ask you to enter the Microsoft account password. If you have also forgotten the Microsoft account password then you can reset it on the Microsoft official website. They will guide you by sending instructions by email.
  • Now, choose to Make a new passkey to generate a new passkey for your TV.
  • It will generate a new passkey in some seconds and check the passkey is valid or not by entering it only for your satisfaction. 
  • Finally, you will use a new passkey to unlock anything.

Change Xbox series X passkey

If you have set a random passkey for your Xbox series X smart TV and you can’t able to remember it then you can change it by deleting the existing one. Make sure while using this method you have a password for your Microsoft account. 

  • In the console of Xbox series X, squeeze the Xbox button. When you press this button guide menu will open on your screen.
  • Enter in all submenu one by one by selecting it. Profile & system > Settings > Account.
  • Now, the menu prompted for the sign-in into the Microsoft account. Enter your Microsoft account email and password to sign in.
  • On the dashboard of your account go into the Security & passkey.
  • Simply choose to create my passkey by clicking on it.
  • Enter the passkey according to your choice and re-enter it for confirmation.