Roku TV has partnered with a lot of Smart TV producers one of them being the SHARP Roku TV. The need of resetting the devices arises quite a lot of times. To ensure smooth running of your SHARP Roku TV you need to reset your TV at least once a month. What resetting basically does is it erases the memory of the TV and closes the unnecessary applications working in the background.

Reasons to reset your SHARP Roku TV can range anywhere from freezing of the TV, constant buffering to inability to reconnect WIFI, skipping etc. The rate of such problems has gone up a huge deal in the wake of the pandemic. The excessive usage of smart TVs is bound to lead to such issues as what we need to understand is these devices have a very complex mechanism and can easy be disrupted by irresponsible usage.

But the good part here is, most issues of the TV can be solved simply by resetting it and that is what we are here for, we will help to understand two topics in the following passage

How to reset SHARP Roku TV with a remote?

How to reset SHARP Roku TV without a remote?

First we will be covering the topic ‘How to reset SHARP Roku TV with a remote. Perform the following steps for the

  • The first step is to make sure that the TV is turned on.
  • Next grab the remote and go to the home page of your SHARP Roku TV you can do so by clicking on the
    presenting icon on your TV remote.
  • When you will scroll down using the downward arrow button you will be able to see the settings option.
  • Click rightwards pointing button on the remote and select system.
  • Press the right button and then down button until you reach Advanced systems settings.
  • Tap the right button again to reach Factory Reset option
  • Press the right button on your remote once again and you will reach Reset TV audio/picture settings.
  • Now you need to know whether you want to do a simple reset which would just be like refreshing your SHARP Roku TV, follow this eighth step; but if you want to do a hard reset which is equal to treating a TV that has just been taken out of the box, you will need to update your SHARP Roku TV from the start like resetting the
    language, your account on streaming applications, connecting your WIFI etc, then you may continue reading from the ninth step or just skip to ‘how to reset SHARP Roku TV without a remote’ that can help your needs and cut short the procedure as well. You will be able to see the play/pause X 3 option, that practically means that you need to press your play/pause option three times. After you do that a message will appear on your screen which says ‘All TV specific things have been reset to their original value’ and that is how you can be sure that your SHARP Roku TV has been successfully reset. Just press the OK button after that and stream like usual. Happy streaming!
  • Now, if you want to do a complete reset then just press the down button and then the right button. Towards the
    downwards right side of the SHARP Roku TV will be a box and a set of numbers below it. What you need to do
    is enter those numbers in the boxes above using your remote and simply click on the OK button in the centre of the remote. The TV may shut down and then start working again like brand new. All your data will be done away with so make sure you know the credentials to your Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.


  • There can be two of doing so, the first method is called a hard reset and the second one is similar to the first one just a slightly different method to reset.
  • HARD RESET: it is the simplest method to reset your SHARP Roku TV. All you have to do is plug the power cord from the back of your SHARP Roku TV wait for a couple of minutes and plug it back in and turn on the switch. As simple as that.
  • The next method is to again, unplug the power cord from the back of the TV and simultaneously press the volume down ‘vol-‘ and input from the side of your SHARP Roku TV and then plug in the
    power cord while still holding on the power down and volume button.
  • After a bit the letter K will appear on your screen and that’s when you know you need to do the next step
  • That is to press the channel down ‘ch-‘ and volume down ‘vol-‘ button together and this shall guide you to the
    service menu.
  • This method may take a few tries to get right. Then using your remote or phone application of a remote you
    need to go down until you find the RESET option.
  • Click the OK option and you’re good to go.