How to reset skill points in the ark?

Before we will know that how to reset skill points in ark? First, we will know about this game, So, this game (Ark: survival evolved) is played on platforms like Xbox as well as PlayStation. The genre of this game is action plus adventure. We can play this game in single-player mode. If we want to make members as a tribe on a server then we also have the option to play in multiplayer mode.

Ark is a survival game where players need to play for their survival. In this game when we play, we have to be safe from the dinosaurs. The publishers who published this game are wildcard Studios. If we want to survive in this game. Then we have to know the process to make good use of the resources that we have. By using these resources, we have to make tools and other weapons which help us to fight against the enemies.

What are skill points in Ark and its uses?

In the game “Ark: survival evolved” these skill points are also known as the Engram points. We can get the engram points by playing the game properly. If we will play and increase our level in Ark survival evolved then we can get these engram points. We can use these points for the purpose of materials used for crafting. In some situations, if we will have the threat from the creatures in the game. Then we can use engram points to kill the dangerous creatures.

Why do we need to reset the skill points in Ark?

If we are playing the Ark survival evolved for a long time. Then the skill points which we had got by playing more games are completely used. These skill points help us to improve the stats of the player which we are playing. But, in case if we want these skills points back again.
Then we have to reset the skill points in Ark. When we will reset the skills points then after that we will get all these points back. Now, when the skill point will be back to us then we can again use it to improve the stats of our character.

When this process will over. After that, all the stats like the speed of the character, the health of the character, and other different skills will be reset. But, one thing we must put in our mind that when we will reset the skill points in Ark. Then we will be back to where we started the game. It means that we will be back at level 1 of the Ark survival evolved.

One more thing is also for sure that the experience points collected by us will not get affected. It means that we will still be left with the experience points. So, we can use these experience points anytime when we want to go back to the level which we were at previously.

How to reset skill points in Ark?

If you want to reset your skill points in the game “Ark survival evolved” but you don’t know the process. Then to know that how to reset the skill points Ark? You have to read the steps given below,
Now, in order to reset the skill points in the game, Ark survival evolved, first we have to make the Mindwipe tonic.

  • First of all, to make the mindwipe tonic we should know that it is a dish.
  • Now, to make this dish we will have to collect the things given:
  • We have to collect 24 units of any meat, 200 units of Mejoberry, 72 units of narcotic, 72 units of stimulant, 20 units of rare mushrooms, 20 units of rare flowers, and at last 1 unit of water.
  • Once, we will collect these all items. Then we have to get the campfire and industrial girl. This will help us to cook the meat.
  • Now, to make the narcotics and stimulants we will also need a pestle and mortar.
  • Once we will get this all then we will take a cooker or pot in which we have to make the mindwipe tonic.
  • To get the rare mushrooms we have to chop the trees which are in the swamp areas. We will get the rare flowers by going to the mountain areas.
  • Now, after getting all of these things, we have to go to the cooking pot.
  • After going to the cooking pot, we will place all these things there and then will light the pot to start the cooking process.
  • Once, we will complete this process then we have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes to finish the process.
  • Now, by drinking this mindwipe tonic. We will be able to reset the skill points in Ark.

If you don’t want to use this tonic just after cooking. Then you can also place it in the refrigerator.