how to reset skill points Witcher 3?

Usually, buyers feel regret after spending skill points in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. occasionally, CD ProjeKt Red thought about it and found a way to reset your character without ending the current game or restarting the game. You need to purchase an authorized potion. This article “returns all the skill points spent to an available pool, which you can allocate.”

Unfortunately, it will cost you a lot of crowns, but there is at least one option. At below, you will find how to obtain one of these sacred potions. Geralt is the best wizards in The Witcher 3. Even if the best, even he can learn a lot. As you search the world and face seemingly not ending tasks, you will gain a lot of skill points. But some skills may look great in theory and will only waste your skill points. Hardly, you will not stick to your decision forever. If you want to correct a mistake and redistribute all accumulated points, please read this guide.

Reset skill points Witcher 3?

You will find a special item in Witcher 3 called the potion of Clearance. When you will Drink, it will get you back to all the points you put on the skill tree so that you can respec yourself and with ideas of what you really want.
You will find many sellers who trade for Potion of Clearance but we have listed some best traders here to reset skill points Witcher 3.

  • Gremist on the Skellig Islands
  • Keira Metz in Velen
  • A Herbalist on the Skellige Islands
  • A Merchant in Novigrad

The first one you can reach is Keira Metz in Velen. she was in a hut northeast of Midcorps, a small town west of Velen. If you can’t find his home, please take the first one along the road through Midcops. His house is just around the corner. Please note that you must complete their task before I sell you the liquidation potion for 1000 CZK.
Then there is a trader in Novigrad on Hierarch-Platz in the northeast of the area. You can search them next to the message board where you can select tasks, in the building behind the open area.

What next after buying the Potion of Clearance

When you have one of these potions of clearance on hand, just open your inventory and go to the potion menu. Here, you will find a potion of clearance, which can be used regardless of the skull symbol on the label.
In other words, all you have to do is to enter your character’s menu and reset your skill points the way you want, and possibly save them in advance just in case.