how to reset SoClean after filter change

You are using SoClean for a long time and you have not checked the filter even once in this time period. Now, when you check the cartridge filter and you may find black particles or many dirty gems on the filter. However, this black particle produces due to accumulation during transportation. This is not too big a problem. This article can be cleaned from the cartridge filter.

To replace the cartridge filter in SoClean and check the valve on SoClean. To view the filter or internal part of the chamber of the SoClean open the valve. Simply, pull upwards to the cartridge filter so that you can remove it and replace it. You can throw the old filter in the trash can. Now, it time to unbox the new cartridge filter and place it into the chamber of the SoClean machine. Yes, you have replaced the filter in the SoClean sanitizer machine.

Reset SoClean after filter change

Once you completed the cartridge filter change in the SoClean machine, you have to reset it again to use. Here, we have a simple guide to reset SoClean after filter change.

  • First, to Reset your SoClean sanitizer machine, you have to search for the hourglass button and manual button on the SoCLean Sanitizer machine.
  • Now, you can reset the machine by pressing these 2 buttons at the same time.
  • Once, it will restart you will be able to see a smiley face on the screen of the SoClean sanitizer machine. When a smiley face appears on the screen of the machine you have to release both the buttons.
  • Now, you are ready to use the SoClean sanitizer machine. Start using it as you use it day by day.


When you complete the filter change you should also check the all-valve of the machine properly. Don’t forget to reset the SoClean sanitizer machine after the successful filter change otherwise it will not work well.
To keep clean your machine you should change the cartridge filter of the Soclean sanitizer machine regularly.