reset TCL Sound bar

How to reset TCL Sound bar

The TCL soundbar should make watching TV better and easier. The idea is that with thinner TVs and smaller internal speaker space, the TCL soundbar can provide better audio without the convolution of connecting six speakers. And browse the often confusing menus of the AV receiver. However, many of today’s soundbars are more difficult to use than next-generation home Theater systems like a TCL soundbar system.

We have a simple list of fixes, using that we have fixed the many problems into the TCL audio bar. We have also discussed the problems and the solutions with the TCL soundbar manufacturers to sort out the most common errors and glitches facing by the common people.

Soft reset TCL soundbar

Here, quick and easy guide to soft reset the TCL soundbar. The simple meaning of the soft reset is that a just turn off and turn on again but there are several conditions and instructions you have to follow while performing the operations. Let’s look at the steps and instructions to soft reset the TCL soundbar.

  • Before you soft reset the TCL soundbar and solve the error which you are facing find where is the real problem.
  • Check you have connected all devices properly with the TCL soundbar and power supply also. Here, it is important to check all connections are properly made because the improper connections might cause the issue.
  • After checking all connections check that the power supply voltage matches with the country’s safety standards.
  • Because your TCL soundbar is made as it can run on a specific range of voltage. If voltage is very high or very low then you face the issue to run the TCL soundbar and it will not work properly. You can not listen to the clear audio.
  • Now, check if your TCL soundbar is turned on then turned off it, or close the power supply.
  • You have to wait till the TCL soundbar turned off properly and then disconnect the power cord from the TCL soundbar. Also, disconnect the power cord from the wall power socket.
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes so that all power can be consumed as resistance loss into the power cord.
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  • Now, plug in the power cord again in the power socket and another end at the TCL soundbar.
  • Restart the TCL soundbar. Once the light will blink on the front side of it check that it is working properly or not.

Fine, You have soft reset the TCL soundbar. Might these checks and solutions are helpful for you to solve your common problems in the TCL soundbar.

Conclusion and warnings

When you perform the soft reset operation in the TCL soundbar, you do not need to think much more about doing it Because it is totally safe. You do not need to concern about your manually done settings and all other things in the TCL soundbar. Soft reset TCL soundbar never causes any data loss.
Maybe you find some issue that can’t be solved by the only soft reset TCL soundbar but you can probably solve it by factory reset it.