How to reset the pressure switch on a Well pump

A pressure switch is generally used to measure the sudden pressure change of the system containing pressurized liquid. It is mostly used in various water well pumps to measure the fluctuations in the water pressure which helps to protect the system.
Most of the pressure switches are comprised of a field adjustment feature. Pressure switches typically control the working of the pump by starting or stopping it according to the rise or drop in the pressure. These switches work between Cut-In and Cut-Out conditions.
When the pressure decreases from the preset level, the Cut-In condition reaches and the pump starts working while if the pressure increases higher than the preset limit, the Cut-Out condition occurs and the pump stops working.
In this article, it will be described that how to reset a pressure switch on a Well pump which can help to keep the pump and ourselves protected.

Adjustment Tips

To reset the pressure switch, follow the below-described steps-

  • Disconnecting the pump from power should be your priority to be away from any kind of hazard caused by electricity. Call the professional if you have a lack of experience.
  • Remove the cover where inside the cover you will get some important instructions which can help you in adjusting the pressure switch.
  • Here you will find two nuts loaded with spring. The larger one is for adjusting the Cut-In and Cut-Out where the smaller one is assigned for adjusting the range.
  • To decrease Cut-In pressure, you are needed to turn the nut clockwise or vice versa. The Cut-In and the Cut-Out pressure are related to each other as adjusting one will also adjust another in the same direction and the same quantity so there will not be any change in differential pressure.
  • If the switch is tripping continuously after repairing, then you are required to ensure that the difference between tank pre-charge and Cut-In pressure is around 2-5 psi.