how to reset tools in photoshop 2021

As you all know all the tools in photoshop 2021’s toolbox can be customized with tool options. At the top of the screen, you will see a toolbar with tool options. When you open Photoshop for the first time, these options are the default, but these options will change over time, which is expected. 

Some tools may load issues that are different from the default values. Do you have any idea how you can restore it to default settings? No, that’s why we have written this tutorial for you.  Here, you will learn to reset tools in photoshop 2021. In the end, you will be able to reset the whole toolbar or any particular tool in photoshop 2021.

Reset tools in photoshop 2021

  • Under the tool options on the far left, click the downward triangle next to the tool icon to open the pop-up panel. 
  • Click the drop-down menu icon in the upper right corner and select “Reset Tool“. 
  • Restore the default settings in the tool options, but resetting any particular tool will not affect any other tool section. 
  • To restore the default toolset, open it, select the drop-down menu, and select the Reset tool name. 
  • A dialog box with options to replace the current tool or simply add the default feature set to the end of the current feature set. I usually just click “OK” to replace it with the default phrase. 

This brings me back to the toolkit used in most Photoshop tutorials. By using the above method you can reset any particular tool in photoshop 2021. If you found one tool is not properly working then you do not need to reset the whole toolbar to its default settings but reset only a single tool that causing the problem in your photoshop 2021.

Restore photoshop 2021 toolbar to its factory settings

Well, your photoshop 2021 version is updated any you lost your customized toolbar settings. Now, on the screen of photoshop 2021, you are seeing the tools which you really do not expect. A simple solution is that you can again customize the toolbar according to your choice or opinion but you start to customize it you must have to restore the toolbar to its default settings and that’s why I am instructing you. 


  • Let’s start by opening Adobe photoshop 2021.
  • On the top of the screen, you will see the menu list on the menu bar, From the menu bar you have to enter into the Edit menu.
  • Once you enter into the Edit menu, you will find the toolbar sub dropdown menu. Tap on it or click on it and open it and you will get a list of some customization options.
  • Now, In the options, you will see restore to defaults options. Simply, click on it to restore the toolbar in photoshop 2021 to its factory settings. This is the final step of the process. Finally, you have 2 choices to reset the tools in photoshop 2021. Either you can reset the particular tool or the whole toolbar.