How to reset tools in photoshop cc2018?

In this article we will know that how to reset tools in photoshop cc2018. When we were using the older versions of the photoshop then that time we needed to use the “reset all tools” command to reset the tools in the photoshop. To restore all the tools, we need to go from every spot which was present in the toolbar. So, resetting all the tools in the older version of photoshop was a bit complicated.

But now in the latest versions like photoshop CC, we do not need to complete this process in order to reset the tools. This does not mean that “reset all tools” command will not work in this version but we can reset our tools in a much easier way. Now we can reset every spot of the toolbar to default, primary tool.

To reset all the tools in photoshop cc2018 we have to follow every step properly which is provided in this article:

  • First of all, we will open the Photoshop CC2018 on our laptop or desktop.
  • Now we will have to go to the toolbar, which will be on the corner of the left of the photoshop window.
  • In this toolbar, we will get to choose any of the desired tools which we want.
  • Now, we have to select any tool which we want to use for resetting the tools.
  • For example, we can choose the tool “move”, this tool can also be selected by us with the help of the button “V” just press it when the photoshop application is open.
  • Once we will select this tool, we will see that the “icon” of this tool will appear in the option bar. (the option bar is the place from where we can see all the options of our selected tool)
  • Now, we have to click on the selected tool in the option bar.
  • When we will click it, after that we will see the option for “reset all tools”.
  • We have to choose this option from where the process of resetting the tools in photoshop will begin.
  • When we will click on “reset all tools” after that we will receive a confirmation notification, we will confirm it by selecting ok.
  • By confirming our process will complete.