How to reset tools in photoshop elements?

In this article we will learn to reset tools in photoshop elements.

When we open the photoshop element, we observe that the tool panel is located on the left side of our screen. This panel contains all the tools which we need for editing photos or any other works. There is an option bar for all the tools through which we can change our tools. We can easily see these options by just clicking on the tools which are provided in the tool panel.

These options will appear in the option bar which is located at the top of the work area. Now, what is the option bar? when we open the photoshop we see that there is a bar that is horizontal and is below the menu bar. This is the option bar which we can turn on or off with the window bar anytime.

Whenever we are not able to see the option bar then we need to open it with the help of the windows. The option bar contains all the tools which we use in photoshop so its work is to give us the option of tools that we can select and use.

Now, to know that how to reset tools in photoshop elements?

Follow the process given below in this article:

  • First of all, we will open the application photoshop elements.
  • After that We have to go to the menu of the option bar, where all the tools we want will be available.
  • Now we have to choose any one of the tools which are present in the option bar.
  • Then we will click on the option of that one tool that we have chosen from the option bar.
  • Once we will click on the tool, we will get three options (reset tool, reset all tools, auto show tool options)
  • Now, if we want to reset all the tools which are present then we will choose the second option and then confirm it by selecting “yes”. By doing this the tools of photoshop will reset

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