how to reset tools in photoshop Helpx

There can be several reasons to reset tools in photoshop Helpx. Due to some glitches, it occurs with many users that you are doing your work by honestly and any tool in the photoshop Helpx doing work by itself and behaves like a strange. Here, what you should do when some tool becomes a trouble shooter for you in photoshop Helpx.

To reset tools in photoshop Helpx you do not need any special reasons. Simply, you have set your own toolbar and now you want to restore it to default and proper setting. Maybe happen you are not able to find some tools in the toolbar so that you want to reset the whole tools’ settings. 

Major Issues in Photoshop toolbar

There are several common issues that occur in the photoshop helpx toolbar. There is an only a single way to overcome the issue is that reset the particular tool to its default or factory settings or you can reset the whole toolbar to its original factory settings in photoshop helpx.


  • You don’t find some tools in the toolbar.
  • In the preference settings, you can add the tools according to your requirement and customize the toolbar. Now, when you update your Photoshop helpx version you will not find some tools which you have added into the preference settings by customizing the toolbar.
  • Moreover, when you change the workspace you also not able to see your customized toolbar.

Reset tools in photoshop helpx

To solve the above issue we have 2 solutions. Each one is listed below you can check it and follow which one you like more. Restore whole toolbar to it’s default settings. This is the quick instructions.


  • Open the Adobe photoshop Helpx.
  • Now, From the above menu bar open the Edit menu.
  • Here, you will find another dropdown menu toolbar. Expend it simply.
  • Now, click on restore to defaults restore the whole toolbar in photoshop Helpx.
  • In a single step, you can do it by Edit -> toolbar -> restore to defaults. Reset tools only

At the moment, in this method, we will reset the tools. You will solve the issue with the particular tools.

  • After opening the Adobe photoshop help, find the options bar in it. You will see it below of menu bar.
  • Now, in the options bar, you will see four side arrow icons beside the home icon. You have to click on it.
  • When you will click on it you will find the reset tool and reset all tools option. Here, by clicking on the reset tool you can select any particular tool to reset and by clicking on the reset all tools you can reset all the tools inside the Adobe photoshop helpx.
  • Maybe it is possible that you can’t see the option of reset tool in the dropdown menu then click on the gear icon (settings menu) in the dropdown bar.
  • Now, the next menu will appear on your desktop screen and you can select the option as I described in the third step.
  • Here, you have learned to reset the whole toolbar to its default settings and reset a particular tool and reset the whole tool at a single time in Adobe photoshop helpx by this method.